More PRAISE to Moto Spa Motorcycle Valeting

After seeing the remarks from leggy pete on the services from Moto Spa, I thought I would give them a try and would say their service’s are worth every penny.

I am outside their normal operating area (Tonbridge, Kent) but a phone call sorted a very good quote for the job. The bike been covered in storage for over twelve months but still looked pretty crappy when it saw daylight again.

Both Iain and Adrian turned up, went out to greet them closing the front dioor behind me leaving the house and bike keys inside Oh bugger. Now when I’m in the UK I stay with a good mate so I needed to go off and find his dearly beloved to nick her keys to get back in. No trouble as the lads offered to get me down into the town where she works and back again.

They arrive with everything on board including front and rear paddock stands as the bike only has a side stand, water and electric and get on with the job. Some two to three hours later there was the bike looking like it did when it was pushed out of the dealers showroom back in 1998. Worth every penny ? - you bet. For the record both like Tea - White - Two sugers and chocolate biscuits but did not get them as I finished them off the night before.

Give these guys a go - you will be amazed at the service they offer.