🆒 More photos from the May day ride to Hastings 2006

Well got up at 6am and it was rainning so back to bed, got up at 7am still raining back to bed got up at 9am and the sun was out so on with the leathers called round for my mate and by 9:45 we were off to Hastings. Had a good day out not as many bikes on the way down as over years but soon got busy when we got down there. Had my 2nd fish & chip dinner of the year next one Brighton.

added this link to some of the pic’s Hastings 2006 enjoy

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Nice pics!!

Cool pics, thanks for sharing fella!

They are really good pics thanks…

Really cool pics!

Nice pic’s, even see me self on the way past Little Chef.

Nice pics dude…thats what i call a "good’ turnout, that little 50 cc “vietnam bike” made me laff , could it be the future of spaceage Kawasaki Technology

Looked like fun, I wanna go on a ride out hmmm soon.