More Parkour

…although one does get stuck at the end :w00t: :hehe:Music is “Big Chief” by Professor Longhair; a good choice, I think.

:w00t: How’s he gonna get down?? :w00t:

Seriously… they look mental! :cool:

The other guy was suggesting he do a 180 degree jump but I don’t think that’s possible at that distance.

I think the options are either he knock on the window and ask nicely for them to open it and let him in, or he can try and land using a pretty serious parachute landing formation (but they seem fairly adept at that, so he should be ok, even from that height).

My finger tips are sweating from just watching that!

OK I know I’m old but my thought was “WOW” then “Burglars”!

Maybe they’re the ones who stole BigJ’s Mercedes - they got into his house through a skylight in the roof :w00t:

None of those sequences ended with the runner punching the air and going “yeah!” followed by the lots of five highs etc. presumably this is because they edited out the real endings of concerned locals running up, looking down and saying “Are you OK? Should I call an ambulance?”

BTW, the one who likes showing his underwear should spend more time watching his mate with the hat. He gets far more height and distance on his jumps, which looks like it should be a vital survival skill.

jackie chan was doing this 20 years ago :slight_smile:

Best parkour is here!

And here

Seriously nuts stuff. How do they practice this stuff without dying!?

I just hope I’ll never have to chase one of these f**kers! :w00t:

I have a hard enough time trying to keep up as it is! :stuck_out_tongue:

See above post, running away from people like RR:D

My thoughts EXACTLY… then followed by… “Bet the out-takes were pretty eye-wateringly BAD!”