MORE off road weekend £25 for the day

Sign up starts 10am tomorrow, whose going?

I’m aiming to get in on the Sunday, so anyone else is going let me know.

I did it last year, highly recommended!

Be careful, as its highly addictive… started MX after trying it there… :slight_smile:

Is there Jumps etc or is it just hills and basic off road?

Starts with easy stuff, if you are capable of harder terrain you will be moved to the proper mx track :wink:

Oooh, may have to give this a go then.

I’m in for the Monday morning

Sunday afternoon …

See you there! Will PM you nearer the day. Anyone else going ?

Good call Mr tempo

Got a Monday afternoon session:cool:

I have Monday morning, I think with a few from work that want to try biking. In the sign up it asks if you’ve ridden before, so I assume they have a setup for those that haven’t.

Any ideas how quickly this usually fills up?

:frowning: we got cancelled as we went last year!!

last year it was full within a couple of hours, and they have had folk there thta havent ridden before, but the trainers dont recommend it, and you almost certainly wont get off the training area.

I’m on the Saturday morning session.
Just register again but say no when it asks about previous off road days!

Will do it another time if it’s offered again, too close to Europe trip as last time there were one too many ‘supermans’ :smiley:

Monday Afternoon! :cool:

Amazing morning. I was very worried as I didn’t enjoy green laning when I tried it, but loved motocross!

Better camera angle on session 1 and 2, but we’re a little slow in those videos.

I should have checked this thread before the event

I was there for the Monday am session too. Riding one of Barry Johnson’s Yamahaha’s

Bit of a drama first time up the first hill started on the left, drifted into the middle where I had a proper off. Tumbled head over heals like a proper acrobat clown halfway back down the hill. Nothing broken but it hurt good and proper, still have the aches, pains and some bruising down my left hand side.

A better moment on the second lap

and here’s how we did it 40+ years earlier