More licence changes from Brussels.

There’s no way I’m even going to try to precis the article by “Amelie Summers” in the March '10 Riders Digest (P96) but, rest assured, this is another attack on youngsters getting a full motorcycle licence, probably the strongest attack so far.

And the vested interest UK reps. did what?

Read and weep for the next generation of motorcyclists. If there are any.

and the last proper vehicle manufacturere in Britain that is even sligfhtly British owned

I don’t have the Readers Digest. Is there a link for the article online somewhere?

That’s the RIDERS digest, twonk, and you can get a freebie at the Ace or any decent bike shop or pay a couple of quid in Smiths for the fatter version.

Nice little mag and I pay the money for the fatter edition.

(Readers Digest has just gone into Administration owing millions. Must have been all those competition prizes.)

It’s okay - the Readers’ Digest is going bust.

After all this time in print, it no longer has a viable readership.