More leniency for killer drivers

Stupid bint had crammed SEVEN children in her car, including at least one, possibly two, in the boot, and only one with a seatbelt. She lost control while overtaking, killing three of the children as well as another motorist.

Two years in jail. Enough? Discuss…

Dont matter how long she gets in jail she still has to live every day of the rest of her life knowing she is responsible for those deaths, prison is the easy bit.

I was involved in the investigation of this.

I can’t discuss it but it brings sad thoughts.

Bet the killer bitch gets straight behind the wheel soon as she gets out.

You really think she gives a sh1t?

Two years! Seven people dead! What a waste.

I agree… 2 years for 7 dead is disgusting…

It wasn’t as if she didn’t make a conscious choice to load the car full of kids. Seems if you want to kill someone do it with a car… you’ll be out in a year for good behaviour…

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her, and yes I know she has to live with her actions but her crime was surely made worse by the fact that these were children, and children need the protection of adults.

2 years for each life lost at least… In my honest opinion, and why the CPS didn’t ask for more is beyond me.

I’m with you P on this one !

Yep … I’ll bet she ain’t never gonna forget. She killed her own children and one of them is permanently brain damaged and will need looking after for the rest of their lives! … ouch!!!

The sentance is dispoportionate to the offence, justice is mad. Hope she can never bring herself to drive again.

I only read four deaths and I know we all make mistakes but this woman’s actions go beyond stupidity, personally I wish the UK had the death penalty

there were 4 deaths not 7 i know that 4 is to many but this woman was not driving with out a lic, insurance or an mot her only crime was to get 7 into a car that holds 5. how many of you have put 1 or 2 more into a car to give them a lift. she will live with this the rest of her life put people in jail that are driving with out a lic, insurance and kill they are the ones that get let off with just a driving affence fine and a slap on the wrist.

I would never do that with a childs life if the car only seats 5 then thats two with out belts on and that is still two to many.

Why risk the life of a child risk you own life but not a kids

Yes it is tragic, but really how many of you can say you’ve never been given a lift in the boot of a car? Or the back of a van?

Until this, I’d never even heard of anybody being driven in a boot or the back of a van.

She took the risk and paid the price it’s a hard lesson for her to learn. I personally think she is stupid. I mean risking childrens lives by having too many in the car is asking for trouble. Thats just it most people forget how easy accidents happen. They take it for granted that everything will be ok but as we all know accidents happen in the blink of an eye and she didnt think responsibly about that fact.

I also think that the sentence isnt long enough. As said previously in this post a biker speeding on an empty carriageway can be locked up when they havent hurt anyone. The justice system is all wrong and the penalties given for certian crimes are just mad.