More legal advice required

According to the Withy King solicitors (the ones that work with MCN)

When an NIP is served, the court summons must be within 6 months.

I was stopped by coppers in 04 for riding a scooter (I’d just bought) home at about 12 am at night without insurance Stupid move I know and I got 6 points for it.

Thing is, they stopped me and said to provide my details at the local Police station within 14 days (producer). I did so and obviously couldn’t provide insurance details for the time of being stopped so the desk copper said I’d receive an NIP.

This was in February and I didn’t get the NIP till September.

It’s a bit late now, but could I have contested it?


If the dates are correct, and the facts are as you say, it sounds like you were outside the frame…

Dayummmm…Ahhh well…Just another 13 months to wait

It’s not all as clear cut as you have been led to believe

If an offence under the RTA is commited (or suspected) an NIP must be issued, this can be wither in writing, within 14 days or verbally at the time.

Once that deadline has been fulfilled the police have 6 months “to lay the papers before the court”, this does not mean that you have to receive the summons within that period simply that the police have got their bit done.

The court then schedules the offence to be dealt with and you get the summons, this should be as soon as possible but can take upto a couple of years if they choose, if you had to wait too long however you could file for an abuse of process but that is asking the court to rule against itself.