More cycle super-annoying-way nonsense



doesn’t really affect me as I’m the other side of London.

However (and I’m sure you lot will shoot me for this) I think these are needed I’ve been cycling a lot lately and danger I’m put in sometimes is pretty awful

its a great idea
alas no fuking cyclist will use them

They will be used if it’s well thought through, trouble with most ‘cycle lanes’ is that they stop and start at random, have cars parked in them, are shared with dawdling pedestrians etc.
if someone offered you a ‘safer’ motorbike route but you had to stop and give way at every side junction or share the route with dog walkers (who have priority), would you use it? That’s the sort of thing that is offered by a typical bike lane in the UK.

It sounds like these new generation of superhighways have been thought through and consequently are more likely to be used. I haven’t looked at the detail of it though so maybe it’s just a more expensive badly thought through lane.

The one on Victoria embankment is taking shape; pretty sure it’ll get heavy usage - but then cyclists tended make good progress through the traffic there anyway. Possibly not ideal near the houses of parliment due to the coach park area though.

Shame they are going to make the rest of the road grid locked because of it.

I’m all for cycle lanes… but not when they
a) cause massive tail-back roadworks that are unpassable even on a bike
b) are built with those stupid islands separating the lane from the road
c) take 2 lanes down to one - utter stupidity

So they’re only acceptable when they magically appear out of nothing into previously unused space?

Hope they stop at the signalised crossing points.

@Big Red S - ha no not when you put it like that. In ref to the one on the Mile End road, the pavements are MASSIVE. So why they didn’t eat into those rather than the road is utterly confusing.

Granted in other areas that may not be possible… But I’ve seen many a double lane road that hasn’t been made single just because of adding a cycle lane… But now it seems the only way to build them.

I think the cycle super highways are a good idea and im sure over time, the future ones will improve on the first two.

On another note… The roundabout at the bottom end of the Chelsea bridge is a great development for cyclists!

One bad winter and people will see the folly of all this cycling stuff!

I like cycling, but as I’ve said on numerous occasions, they need to be held accountable somehow for their actions, and they’re not, so until they are you will see reckless cycling, and the safety debate will keep going on.

What do you envisage? There’s already laws against, er, breaking the law and every so often the police clamp down on the things cyclists tend to get wrong, as they do for other road users.

Almost nobody is held accountable for reckless behaviour on the road. I see people doing stupid stuff in cars, vans and motorbikes every day and they don’t seem especially concerned about the chance of being caught.