More Countries join the EU

soon our country will be 1% British and 99% made up from people coming over from the EU

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Even more strain on the already overstretched welfare state.

So just where are we gonna find all the extra jobs for these immigrants when all the call centres are goin to India, steelworks to Russia, manufacturing industries to Czech republic, plastics to China?

well they say they will find them jobs in the food packaging industry and jobs like picking fruit and veg from fiels because us english dont want to do jobs like that

they will have the jobs that we, as British citizens, dont want to do…sweep streets, work the fields etc…jobs which we cant afford to do… even if we did want to do them

if they can survive on the poor pay these jobs offer…then good luck to them

yeah but then they will send the money home to family but when they get here they will be given free house probably and all the other benifiits imo it’s just wrong them being given stuff free

so what are you going to do about it then…???

live your own life and let them worry about theirs

Burying your head in the sand hoping the issue will go away is NOT the answer.

GIVING AWAY your own country so that others may “live their lives while you attempt to live yours in what is LEFT of your own country” is just absurd.

You live in a representative democracy, supposedly, right Ginger? GET INVOLVED…let your representative know how you feel…organize your friends…let those in power know that you do not support their immigration policies. Even if your efforts are in vain, you’ve fulfilled your obligation as a citizen…you PARTICIPATED.

As long as they bring enough money on them and don`t take a penny off the state i should be fine, but if they come over expecting to be given a place to live, money and a job well they can feck off now.

i’m not burying my head…i did participate…

i can do all that you suggest…but the powers that be have allowed them to come to this country…

if they dont affect me personally…take my job (which they are welcome to do)…take my house…then why do they not have the right to better themselves as we do

i’m sure there are problems in the States which you are sorting out in the same way as you suggest we do

Unfortunately, what will happen - in fact it already is, the wage rates will drop, it’s happening in the building industry atm, and also for nursing, they are more than happy to work for peanuts. That is fine for those of us not in those industries atm, as we can get cheap repairs on our properties etc, however the low wages will spread thru to every industry bringing a lower standard of living for us all.

Sorry to hear that Tricksie, I know some people same thing has happened to, this is only tip of iceberg, give it 10 years or so and it will be througout every industry.

Sooner the big 3 parties get kicked out by someone else like UKIP the better.

Glad you got your nominee pass they are great, my daughter has mine, saves her a fortune.

The problem is politicans are completly out of step with normal life - in fact not only politicans - judges etc, they are all cocooned in their little world, they don’t understand what is happening in the real one. I see now we have to pay tax till June 2nd till you start to earn money for yourself - that is a hell of a chunk, things need to get back to basics, instead of giving freebies to evryone, if you want something, you should be made to pay for it!

Rant over - feel better now