More close calls

Its the nutters on Mulholland Highway again.

mx5 drifts not bad at 2.41

hmmm just trying to understand. the back wheel spins out because there’s not enough traction so it “drifts” as they accelerate right?

if they were in higher gear with more throttle and clutched pulled in that wouldn’t happen?

Reading the comments on the video suggests there are ripples on the road which reduce traction just at the point when you are rolling on the throttle coming out of the corner. To be exact the rear suspension is rebounding off the ripples causing the rear tyre to loose contact with the road so reducing grip.

If the clutch was pulled in then there would be no drive from the engine…In fact the rider would start coasting. There would be no engine braking and weight would transfer on to the front tyre, thus unloading the rear even more and so exacerbating the already limited grip problem. A front (too much weight on the front) or rear (not enough weight on the rear) lowside would most likely occur.

The best way to deal with this section of road would be to use much less lean angle (go in slower) and so have more meat of the tyre in contact with the surface. Don’t be in too low a gear, especially on these powerful litre plus bikes, and wind on the throttle smoothly.