Morbid topic?

Sorry to bring this up, but its been on my mind.

“There were 599 motorcycle user fatalities in 2006, 5 per cent higher than during 2005. The number of killed or seriously injured remained at about the same level compared to 2005 (down less than 1 per cent from 6,508 in 2005 to 6,484 in 2006). The all motorcycle user casualties figure for 2006 of 23,326 is 6 per cent less than in 2005.” (DFT figures)

There are 5.5 mill registered motorcycle users in the uk (DFT).

= 0.424% chance of being one of the stats for next year according to last years figures.

However of course this is meaningless, as many do many more miles than others, some ride death traps, some are young and fearless, and others are just unlucky. Not to mention that there are many more bikers out there over the last few years, and theres no indication of how many were as a result of other road users actions.

And I’m no good at maths…

I have no idea:

  • how riding in london affects the figures
  • what the miles per incident rate is
  • if I can add up
  • if I care

the usual rules apply:

  • everyone is an idiot
  • no-one can see you
  • know your own limits
  • use speed only when its safe to do so
  • Protect yourself using position, observation and actions.

Am I statistically challenged? Am I offending anyone (hope not and sorry if I am)? Is it all down to luck or rider attitude? Does anyone care?

Ride safe out there, they really are out to get you…


599 motorcycle user fatalities… does it say they were motorcycle related deaths?

Or, were some of them heart attacks from eating too many greasy breakfasts?

Maybe some were from trying to use petrol to light a BBQ?

I’m not making light of the number of biker casualties there are, as there are far too many. However, you can use statistics to prove almost anything… it’s just in the phrasing!

Lies, damn lies and statistics. - Mark Twain

However - Which ever way you look at it, dead isnt cool…

On a lighter note, it appears that if you didnt end up dead (More likely) last year, then you were less likely to be seriously injured!

Which is nice…

What it means? I dont know, but perhaps we’ll find out by not being dead, injured or a statistic…

Or from being chopped up with a carving knife

Thanks for posting. Makes you think.

More than 10 a week

I remember reading in a bike mag a while back and a traffic officer said the one thing pretty much all motorcycle KSI’s had in common in his area were sports bikes and race rep leathers…

Sorry to say, but one death is too many.

Not having a go at you, but I reckon that’s ********!

Either for thinking that you don’t fit in that bracket so it won’t happen to you, or that you do fit in that bracket so you’re **** scared.

What about the 5 Harley? riders on the M25 this year? What about all the SMIDSY’s that could be any bike?

Anyway I reckon any set of leathers is going to be called by someone as a race rep leathers. Also there was a Welsh TV program about bikers dying & how someone passed there test & went out and bought “a powerful sports bike” guess what it was?

… A Suzuki



Well to be fair a Suzuki SV650 is a powerful bike capable of acclerating from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, and 0-100mph in a little under 9 secsonds. That is as fast as a Lambo Mucerliago of which has in the region of 600bhp. The above would indicate that the press ( suprisingly) were correct in describing the SV650 as a Powerful bike, at least from the perspective of a new rider. A new rider without the right ‘attitude’ would not be safe on an SV650 or any bike for that matter. My first big bike was a TL1000S and with abit of luck among others things I am still here


Put me in a good mood…


I think it’s a reasonable topic to post, though as Mr Twain says you can say whatever you like with statistics, including the implication (or is it an inference, I never can work out the difference?) that riders on sports bikes with race rep colours are more likely to have a ‘prang’.

This could well be because there are so many more ‘sports bikes’ out there than there was 20 years ago. It could have something to do with the fact that sports bikes generally (though definitely NOT always) tend to have higher top speeds than cruisers. It could also reflect the population in the region said PC was working in (there aren’t ANY custom bike shops in Surrey, there isn’t even a Harley showroom!) so it’s likely there’s going to be a much higher proportion of plastic to chrome on the roads in that area.

Woteva, if a topic can get us to think about how we ride and what we can do to keep ourselves safe, it’s a good topic. Even if all it does is have a lively discussion about the whole subject then it’ll still be a good topic to post. Morbid? Perhaps. But food for thought as well.

There’s a big Harley showroom in Dorking…

But I reckon KSI’s are down to ‘attitude’ and the balance of ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’.

Just remember it might be you coming the other way…

Regarding race reps, the only hump I have is down my keks, and it ain’t aerodynamic. Having said that, 98% of serial killers eat white bread and 87.2% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Most of this stuff is made up and used by people who have a particular prejudicial axe to grind. Don’t like the Sunday ‘boy’ racer types? Just say they’re more likely to crash and bask in the warm glow you now have in your tummy. Feel better about yourself? Good.

Personally, I randomise my clothing every trip to make sure I decrease my odds of a crash…


You do all know we all die. The only guarantee is that and taxes.

How about that bloke who died of excitement about getting a motorbike. In was only a CG125 or something. But hey each to his own.

Yep dead right there…

(well apart from the bit about the Harley place in Dorking which closed about 2 years ago which I discovered to my horror whilst out shopping for some chaps and tassles )

Wasn’t stating the bit about leathers/sports bike as my oppinion, just recall being intrigued about the claim by this particular officer… and as CM said, maybe in his area that was the case…

We’re all going to die, tis not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when & how… now with any luck and some skill that will hopefully be a long time off… But unfortunately s**t does happen…

Apols for the Harley/Dorking bit.