Moral of the story...Don't nick bikes


many will say they deserve it, maybe so, but a mother and father and family have lost a son.

kids always have and always will pinch mopeds etc doesn’t make it right but any means, but i know i was no angel when i was a motorbike mad youngster.

his two mates will have to live with that for the rest of there lives, well i say two, the one that run off and left his ‘mates’…well that beggars belief, no matter what situation you dont **** off and leave your mates.

jesus christ…if it aint bloody tonup!!:w00t:

long time mate…bloody long time

Tragic, very tragic, but then Mitcham is a tragedy every day. Mitcham says it all. Once a classy place with lots of history, now it is a deep hole full of scum to be avoided at all costs.

Hello mate! …yes…looooong time…I been away…glad to see your still smiling! …Lovin your home videos dude…yuco the clown…wtf! :w00t:

no sympothy of me one less scum on on this planet another 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to go who wanna still try knicking cars and bikes

And even a wizard can’t save them from a custodial.

I call that a result… The scum who didn’t call an ambulance for help deserves to be shop.

I knew they would get jail time as soon as I read Harry Potter was defending one of them… What did he do? Wave his wand and hope for the best! :w00t:

You play with fire and all that

tough luck… if the parents had done their job properly, this likely wouldn’t have happened. Only a dead bike thief is a good bike thief.

It’s hard to have too much sympathy in cases like this and if the friend was so devastated, perhaps he should have called an ambulance instead of running off and leaving his friend in a ditch.

got to say its sad to see someone die, but i got very little sympathy for them as they stole the bike. Hopefully it will make other idiots think twice.

i feel sorry for the lads parents thats about it but “his family took the decision to switch it off a day later” a day latter =0, if i had a kid and they was on life support it would take longer then 1 day for me to let them go =0

Has anyone read the comments at the bottom of the original article?

I think the last comment from a friend of theirs says it all. Too cool for school.

The parents may not have taught the kids to steal, but they didn’t teach them a basic principle in life either.

Work for the things you want. Don’t steal

I have sympathy for the victims of the crimes committed.

no truer words have ever been spoken.

+++ Agreed, no sympathy whatsoever I was a kid too and I never stole anything, my parents showed me the value of money and this is why I hate all thieves be it proper thieves or corporate. I work hard for my money/stuff and others make/take it just like that (I understand if they are dying of hunger and have to steal to survive). As I have recently got £6k stolen from my bank account you can imagine I have no sympathy for any thieves.

Cut off their limbs I say.