At the age of 16 i got my moped and loved it, but when i got my Kawasaki ZXR 400 i thought i would never go near anouther moped again, But i was very surprised by myself when i wanted another one, I cant help it, I just F**KIN LOVE MOPEDS :w00t:

Does any other people feel the same way as me?

In a word …

NO - but then I’ve never ridden one ( or had the inclination to )

Maybe I am missing something in my life :ermm:

You get a right giggle from them.

I know I used to spout off about them, but luckily it was just a phase…
To be really honest… 2 wheels and an engine and I’m happier than a pig in a pile of ploppy poo.

Mopeds, Crossers, Cruisers, Sports, Monsters. Who cares what flavour…


yeah… rebel me…

font 7 brackets… LET’s RIDE stroke brackets string
10 party hard
20 goto 10

Yeah rock and roll computer style! :haha: :slight_smile: :haha:

i want another ped. typhoon 125 this time tho with the full works taking it to a 183 :w00t:

are you talking about 50cc mopeds as opposed to 125 scooters?

I have a 125 just for running around town, great fun…

As Toby-1-kenobi said, two wheels and an engine…all gravy.

Ridden almost every type except modern supersports over the years (too old for those now) and a couple of trikes and A.T.V’s and, with the exception of the Harley chopper, enjoyed them all.

But own one? Lots on my list before the 'ped.

But it’s your money, your choice. Go for it.

I`ve gone from geared bikes onto scooters and i think that scooters are just brilliant.

if you want a real 'ped go old school FS1E, SS50, gilera’s, Fantics, Garelli’s etc ask ya dads if you aint old enough to remeber them :D:D

First thing I had was a Typhoon 125. Woah! Bloody thing shot off from a standing start like someone had poured boiling water on its backside, and you had to lean forward all the time as the damn thing wanted to wheelie everywhere…:laugh:

Of course by 40mph it was gutless, but in town it was bloody brilliant.


Funny why alot of people have said they have sports bikes and scooters then isnt it thick f**k :hehe:

Shakey - You DID ask the question and GixxerIan gave his honest and frank opinion…If you don’t want an answer that doesn’t match your " natural affinity " to mopeds then don’t feckin’ ask ( " Thick f**k " !! ):wink:

I said does other people feel the same way as me, The way he put it was like he was talking about everybody. thick f**k !

When I was a kid the Moped seemed to be the preferred mode of transport of the blue rinse brigade. Scooters and 'peds really don’t do it for me either.

Shakey ,

your bravery is admirable ( if a little stupid :wink: )

Good job you are safely tucked up in Sheffield away from the remote possibility of attending the next BM meet so we can be properly introduced

Maybe some day you can learn to value " other peoples " opinions ?

If you want to meet me, youll find me training every sunday on the moors with some lads from 2 and 1 para and 3 ex-SAS blokes (two of which is my father and uncle) So if you have a problem you come and see me ok.Im going up to glasgow to see family soon so make it fast:)

Not in the habit of wasting my time with " runts " :wink:

Hahahaha, and you would say that to members of the parachute regiment would you?

Hes what i look like, 5,10 very short black hair, 13 stone very athletic build.