Moob(s) in Kent

Just thought I’d say hello

Been riding for a fair few years and had allsorts in the past, from scooters to superbikes.

Got two bikes at the mo, a KTM 625 sxc in supermoto trim and a mint original TL100s, although the KTM’s in bits in my shed, as i blew her up on a spirited ride to work one evening, a work in progress.

I’m in the Maidstone area so if anyone fancies a ride out at some stage drop me a line.

For anyone who knows Broady, there’s a picture on the galleries of me acting as his wing man;)

Hello and welcome to LB:D:D

Are you sure you know me,think I’d remember that beak:w00t:

Now then Bigbird hows it going are you still up for the ride to Beachy Head :hehe:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

I’m a Tonbridge lad myself, so I quite often have a wander over to Maidstone (mainly to drool over the Triumphs in Laguna :))


you should remember the beak, you usually have a good view in your mirrors:D:D

oh i forgot mirrors aren’t your strong point are they:hehe::hehe:


Beachy Head still on aslong as my ankle sorts it’s self:P

welcome im in kent too :smiley:

Welcome to LB occasion14. TL looks good in red, I just spent a week in France trying to keep up with a Mate of mine on his! Also in Kent, Gillingham

Hi and welcome aboard.

Im near dartford too…woohoo…

Welcome! I am a new one too. I’m in Chislehurst near Bromley and always up for a ride out to get experience! Nothing better than riding out with lots of bikes :smiley:

Welcome, to the club.:smiley:

Word up Big B!

Met you last year when you came down on your fed ped.

May be you could bring yourself to one of the newbie nights? :w00t:

Anyway, welcome aboard :cool: