Monthly biking magazines

Howdy all! Long time no see!

I’ve had a subscription to MCN for quite a while now and even though I find it that there’s generally quite a lot to read in every issue, the weekly format is too much for me as I have a stack of about 20-30 latest copies that I’ve not even managed to read yet. Because of that I finally decided to cancel my subscription today.

The problem is - I do want something to read though and was wondering if anyone could suggest me a nice monthly magazine (not a newspaper, like MCN), with nice coloured pages where you don’t have to wash hands after paging through. Ideally I’d like it to be about everything and nothing - different bikes, different stories, reviews, letters from readers, tips, etc. Should’t be anything specialised like “Repairing choppers weekly”. I looked at some that are on the usual subscription sites but it’s hard to tell from the covers. All suggestions are welcome! :)

Thanks in advance!

I get performance bikes and fast bikes and they are great

But sports bike is a good one for a broad range of bikes but mainly older bikes.

BIKE Britain’s best selling bike magazine, although my copies are hand me downs from the Doctors waiting room that I pass on to my eldest. A proper mo’cycle magazine and a right riveting read to boot with lots of ‘I wouldn’t half mind one of them’ colour photos and articles, 120+ pages each month.

RiDE isnt bad either, and has sime really good routes published in it

I buy Ride, Bike, Fast Bikes and Performance Bikes if the content in the issue is good. However, and it’s a big one, so… HOWEVER, I recently bought a subscription to Readly, which gives on-line access to all their publications. The subscription is £10 per month, so I’m trying it out to see how it goes. It works on Android devices, and an iPad, but it does not work on my main puter, which runs on Windows 7, or an iMac. It’s worth considering.

The motorcycle mags that are available are Bike, Performance Bikes, MCN, Classic Bike, Practical Sportsbikes, Ride, Motorcycle Monthly.

I used to read Two Wheels Only and Superbike every month. TWO folded and I think Superbike is going the same way. They were pretty good and there was some humour which I liked. I didn’t read them as often once I had a bike though.

Yeah, Superbike went online-mostly last year and seemed to have a really optimistic plan for how that would work, including infrequent coffee-table-style magazines. I’ve not heard much about it since. I used to read that every month, mostly when I worked for the company that printed it. 

I tend to get one of Ride or Bike most months, depending on how much I want something to read and which one looks most interesting from the cover.