Monsters in Houston Texas

Monster Challenge Houston Texas:

Nice pics :cool:

I really like the black one at the bottom :cool:

Yeah !!

oh my… :satisfied:

Prefer the silver one, more individual, the top one is…errrm…‘special’ :Whistling:

We liked them all, but that’s because my bride has one…

I like the bottom black’un with the 916 swinger:cool:

Prefer the yellow one though as some things shouldn’t be messed with:)

I had two bikes to chose from. One of them was a Bandit, the other was a Monster. I couldn’t afford the maintence costs for the Monster so got the Bandit.

I love Ducatis. My auntie had a 900SS that only she could kick over. Was funny watching seasoned (lightly fried) courier bikers trying. My dad has a late 60’s Ducati 160cc, think it’s a Mach 1. It’s not been turned over for 30 years and I used to sit on it in the shed and say I wanted it. He still won’t let me have it. Would cost a small fortune sorting the electrics out… but I’d love to hear it run. Love love love the Ducatis :smiley: orgasmically so!

Shouldnt that be Desmodromically so?:stuck_out_tongue: