Monster puncture

Well the ride home from Cubana last night was eventful, after I got the mother of all screws stuck in my (almost brand new) rear tyre…

How crazy is that? PMSL!!

However it also served to create a monster sized hole, and after losing 15psi in 1 mile (even with tyre foam in!) and stopping at every petrol station to stick more air in, it became apparent that the bike wasn’t going to make it home so it’s currently lodging in New Malden. Big up to Wiggy for helping out and for a plentiful supply of 20p’s for the air machines, and also to fridayman for getting up at 11:30pm to come and pick me up

So I’m now on a mission to pick up the wheel, get a tyre fitted & back on the bike in time for going out tomorrow night - hmm, studying isn’t going so well this week!!

PS. yes I know the bike needs cleaning

Flipin heck, lucky it didnt catch anything on rotation and cause any damage

Plug it and if you don’t can I have the tyre please?

wow u r lucky there glad u got home ok

It stuffed up the hugger a bit, but I can hopefully do something with that!

Sickpup - why do you want the tyre?? trust me it’s a huge hole, I think the screw got twisted aroud when it hit the hugger and made it even worse. Also not sure a plug will work so well with tyre foam either…

heck that’s a huge one. Glad you’re OK

Plug will work fine after the foam is cleaned out. The hole won’t be bigger than 6mm so it can be plugged.

Could do with a new rear for my Blade.

I dont think that this will fit a blade, this should should be a 160 section tyre for an SV650. If anyone wants some ragged tyres to fit an SV650 let me know as I have plenty. I believe they also fit 400’s and Bandits. Wouldn’t pass on any tyres that were not fit to be used, the ones from Silverstone on Monday will be used, but not on a bike.

yes, nuscience though it is at least it made itself known before I got out onto the fast bit of the A3!

Sickpup - it’s a 160/60/17 so wil probably be too small I’m afraid. Let me know if you do want though as I’m taking the wheel in by car this afternoon so can bring it back with if necessary

Blimey, bad luck girl! That’s massive!

I think that’s a bit too close to the sidewall to safely plug.

Don’t think theres a legal bit to stop you. Theres the British Standard but it isn’t law as such its a recommendation unless things have changed in the last few years.

If you read the instructions for the plugs that michelin recommend you can apparently plug sidewalls by european law but no one would recommend it.

Theres a 90 ish degree area of the tyre that is no problem to plug and that hole looks like it is on the border. If it was my tyre I would plug it but probably not for a customer.

I think the only law that could be used to prosecute would be the ‘not fit for the purpose’ law. Considering this has been used (although later dropped) by the city police to nick a courier on a 3 day old bike with low tyre pressures it really is a catch all. This law can also be applied to anyone riding’driving a vehicle with a puncture.

Rizla SV

Thanks but don’t worry. As you say it’s to small.

Yup that’s a beaut !

You weren’t nailing it at the time were you ?

Argh, that is a whopper.

No, but she did get screwed…

Man thats huge! I know the feeling of nails in new tyres had 5 in the last 2 years!

Oh no Riz…

what rotten luck, at least Wig was able to assist…

I have heard of trying to bolt your bike down but dont you think you are taking this a little too far ? (Soz) bummer that !

Impressive…! I had 3 weeks last year when i had a puncture a week, costing 2 new rear tyres and 2 repairs. Found out they were all most likely down to a builder working at the end of the road I work in - everytime he opened the back of his van loads of screws & nails fell out… To$$er!!!