Money well spent?

This is not a personal attack on any white van drives on here. But as so many of them are “very” bad at looking out for anyone else on the road the Labour Gov have come to help.

Makes me sick!

The current government are signing there own death warrant with the proliferation of stupid ideas, instead of concentrating on real issues they have toy projects designed by spin doctors to make us feel better.

Yeah, saw that on the news this morning. good luck to’em and if it avoids one bike being wiped out then it’s money well spent.

At least it’s a positive step…isn’t it?

Dan, I’ve got to agree with you there!!!

To quote form the article itself: Paul Smith of road safety campaign group Safespeed said: “White van man poses less risk to pedestrians than even cyclists and is one of the very safest road user groups.”

In my experience as an ex-white-van-man, most of them are the most curteous drivers on the road. Of course, there are exceptions as always, but by when waiting to get out of a junction, it was always another white van driver that would slow down or stop to let me out.

Where I see problems, is when the white-van-man is on a motorway that’s fairly busy. It takes a while to “wind-up” a diesel van to it’s cruising speed, especially if it is carrying a load. However, your average car driver doesn’t realise this and proceeds to pull out in front of white-van-man, causing him to have to shave 25MPH off his speed … how annoyed do you think white-van-man then gets? … I’m pretty sure that this is where most of the van/car conflicts arrise, and thus white-van-man gets a bad name … but yet again, it comes down to your cage drivers ignorance!!

I agree it’s going in the right direction. But why are we paying for it? Should it not come from the drivers that have been directed towards this course because of their driving? It’s not an advance training course or anything like that.

Sorry SP but there is little love coming from me for White Van drivers, Buses, Black Cabs, Cabs, etc. As they are all “professionals” on the road you would think they would drive very well.

In my experience they generally do. You’ve gotta remember that there’s an awfull lot of them on the road, so as usual, a minority tarnishes general opinion.

They are usually professional drivers who drive day-in, day-out … it’s in their interest to be patient & curteous.

Our Government is wasting our money again IMHO.

Wouldn’t the money be better spent on an advertising campaign on the telly at peak times asking everyone to look out for bikes- especially when turning right.

Along the lines of the old “think right- think bike” (or was it the other way round)


Next thing you know there will be something like this for us bikers who do 150mph everywhere, cut up traffic and act like holigans.

Why not spend the money on making car drivers better?

Or pay for everybiker to get a Brembo or AP Racing brake upgrade!!

Now that I like…

Sounds very good to me

But then we’ll all get told off like Mike for doing stoppies.


Hang on, I can’t do’em so I’ll be alright Where do I sign?