Money type stuff - summer bash - those who didn't make it

We’re about £100 short at the mo… I had to pay for the camping up front… and the food on the weekend… so in total I paid £279… I had £170 given to me on the weekend… any more donations greatfully accepted - paypal me at [email protected] - I would appreciate that if you use a credit or debit card to pay me you add £1.50 for the transaction charge. There are a couple of you who came on the weekend who owe me - but mainly I’d like a donation from those who said they would come… then didn’t… those of you that contacted me to cancel - even the day before - thanks - that meant I could cancel the camping and food for you - which saved me money.

I tried adding a donation button to paypal in here but it didn’t work - so just use my email account.

I really don’t mind making up the difference - but if you said you’d come and then didn’t I’d appreciate some dosh.



We will have to sort another way to organize it for the next even’t. It’s not fair that you have to pay for those that failed!

yeah next time I’m going to ask people for a deposit I think…


Yeap that’ll be cool dude.


Alright dude, just looked and I never notified of my decision not to come (fully ahem).

So I’ll settle on Wed with ya, if that’s ok. How much are we talking? a tenner or a bit more ?

£10 is cool :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - those of you that have sent money over :slight_smile: Not quite there yet - but we’re getting closer!



Sorry I didnt make it, but my husband was involved in a serious RTA. Of course I will reimburse you whatever I owe you so you will not be out of pocket. It will probably be next week tho as I am living at the hosp at the mo - so sorry to have missed it, but glad you had a good time.

Ow, Macleod! Bad news! Is he okay?! All the best…

Macload - don’t worry about this at all - just make sure you and Simon are OK - that’s all that matters - shout if you need anything at all.