Morning!! Nice day for a commute on the bike!

PS - what about unknown knowns?

Morning all , another day in the big smoke !

morning all. day off today :smiley:

Morning all from a wet Paris.

One more day down time then off to Holland tomorrow to meet the Help for Heroes rally for a day or 2

Meh, Monday mornings should be abolished!! Can’t believe the weather, was looking all grey and 'orrible when I left for work so on goes the waterproof gear half way to work the sun pops out!! :smiley:

Morning all - stunning weather today:)

morning all

sore legs here dun the london to brighton bike ride yesterday 56 miles in 4 hrs 50 mins

tell you what yesterday would have been a good ride out in sussex i lost count of the amount of sussex police motorbikes on route but there was too many to count, theres a london to southend bike ride soon so hint hint:w00t:

mmm… I guess if you don’t know it, it’s an unknown; otherwise, it would be a known, whether conscious or not?

Morning all :wink: day off today and it looks like it’s gonna stay dry, so finally I cal wash my bike :w00t:

afternoon all