Why are the weekends so short and the weeks so long?

The sun is shining and I dont want to be stuck in the office, was seriously tempted to pull a sicky this morning.

Me too, until the girl I work with called me and told me she was ill. So I kinda had to go in!!

Hahaha!! I’m at home!! Working on the LB news!!

I get to work, then check the LB news - I’m bovvered about all the people who got into bovver of one sort or another this weekend- what’s up goin’ on

Don’t want all these in bovver, binning bovver, gravel bovver, wheelie bovver, numberplate bovver to turn into horror bovver!!

Be careful - enjoy yourselves, but don’t turn yourself, or anyone else, into a horror story!

meh im at home todat just messin round with little bits on my bike,

  • its my birthday so i dnt have to work,

  • my scoot is going tonight so ill have £800 cash.

relativley happy

how much do you owe me out of that 800???

I left work at 2pm to enjoy the sun.