Looks like Monday is going to be a nice day so I might ride to work - does anyone want to meet up after work - Ace? Frith? Cubana???

On a Monday I’m always at the Queen Dowager, Teddington, from 21:30 onwards…

I can meet you at the Ace as I have to get there tomorrow evening.

After opening the front door and seeing all the cars covered in frost I decided to take the train - It’s warm and I can have a quick nap until I get used to the extra early mornings.

Will try to be at the Ace on Friday though

Anyone got the day off and fancy a blast somehwere?

Where you coming from ?

Riding out from Hampshire! Can be in west London in about half an hour.

Will probably miss any replies though…as setting off out in a second!

Balls…! Andy I’m off all day and will be heading out at midday… Then at the Ace from 5.20pm to meet up with rb800.

Bugour thats a shame Where abouts in Hampshire im from Wiltshire your neighbouring county, in fact i was looking into organising a ride out to Wiltshire maybe May time viar Hampshire. Because there some really nice roads out that way!