Monday Roll Call

Back to work with the lot of you!! Watch out for dozy drivers. I had my fair share this morning even with leaving 15 minutes earlier than usual!

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morning, I want to go back to work, just to hand my notice in. I expect I wont though, felt the same for the last five years. happy days !!

I was sensible enough to book today of as leave, so good morning from Duvet Land.

Bit chillier today! Got the last seat on the train though :slight_smile: toasty.

Morning - yes a bit chilly :S and the traffic has re-appeared…tomorrow will be worse though :S

Good morning.  I was woken by the bin men, which was good as I’d not put the bins out, so psprinted around to get the bins out.

I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching tonight.

Morning all, miss the trains being empty.  Still plenty of seats just takes longer getting on and off.

Morning all from the comfort of home - another week off for me before I start my new job! :grin:

Morning all,

@Rosso, a sage piece of advice my dad once gave me was if you dread getting up for work for any length of time because of the job/company, it’s time to move on. Helped me get out of a horrible, depressive rut I was in once. And a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out, best get out of it.

Morning all! No regular work this week. Working on the new LB photo uploads feature for now.

Mooorning all

Morning LBers.

1st day back at work and over 400 emails to deal with!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!

Why does it seem like a good idea at the time to have 2 weeks off, but in reality it just causes more work!!

Morning, roads were very quiet today…expecting it to be back to normal as the week progresses though :frowning:

Morning just peeps.

Muff time

Muff time brains_t
Little to much information there.. ;)

^ or not enough information… :smiley:

+1 TimmyFox

Starting a new job next week!

Good afternoon, the fracture clinic is happy that I am fully repaired.

Me too.
On the plus side though, I can’t give a flying fuck :smiley:

^ lol