Monday Roll Call

Good Morning LB! Very mild out there today… 

Did you all have good weekends? Anyone get the feeling Channel 4 was trying to warn us about anything last night (2hrs of how bad the snow can be in Britain)

AbzeroAcemonAndyCr15ArfaArtBang2RightsBigDBig Red SBladebluelagosBobbyR1Boris (is back)brains_tCactus- AKA The BeardChrisBChangyammiCypherDangerousBEezieGeoff BGSXRAngHannibalhogtrumpetIanWilliamsonIMORTAL_Indianink aka Miss ObservationIronmanJaneyJayJesteR6JetstreamKevstaKTM DmakmanMarmablade (New name TBC)me_groovy the saga continuesMichaelMiggymoleMotodrbnailsNational TreasureNicnivagPanagiotispawelPricettaRixxyRossoRusty99ScorchSeanR1ShaunicousSilveR6SlackerSlanStevie78SzymonT catTDJTiggiTimRTheOCThe SleeperTimmyFox 2015 Poohsticks ChampionTheUnforgivenToonyTreacleTriang - RossTrombomanVonWestieWhereisgibsonWildBoyWiseZanderZine - last one on the list unless…Zorro appears

Ooooh, interesting list there! Er…

Morning - disappearing ‘\n’ there! 


Morning. That’s the longest single screen name I’ve seen !!!

Good morning all. Interesting list. Today I will be making Londons roads unsafe by driving a van around them.



Case in point :smiley:

On my way up to leicester, it may not be too cold today but at 70mph my hands are telling me it is

Morning all. Off to have a coffee and lunch in a short while.

3.5 Days left of Work until 4th January!!! Woop Woop

Good afternoon all.

@VelcroHead - Reeloy you muppet. Thanks a flipping lot for changing my name on the roll call.

Afternoon :slight_smile: Rode into work looking like a power ranger today, must say felt good, I’m gonna stick to my track leathers :smiley:

3.5 days of work Sam? I didn’t think you actually worked :stuck_out_tongue: 6 more days left for me…

lol. OK, 3.5 Days left sitting at my desk till 4th January :slight_smile:

some knob stole my gloves in Camden yesterday, so today I’m gonna go to infinity and get some summer gloves and hope due to being winter I can get a decent discount Hehehehe

morning all. first day off work, back on the 29th. it feels good. 

Chrome seems to have an issue with copying and pasting content. Are you using Chrome, mole? And are you on a desktop or mobile device?

Morning, been a while since I have been on here.

Some real planks on the roads this morning, and really hoping the journey home will be less eventful…

3.5 half days left and im off until the 11th Jan…beat you sam!!!

Apologies to anyone encountering a wobbly GS rider - that was me this morning! Honda battery died last minute. Bugger. Forgot how big, heavy and mentally torquie the beemer was… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk! hahahahaha

I gave up trying to post roll call. Stupid rich text editor. Come on Jay :smiley:

Works on everything but Chrome, oddly. Am trying to sort it.

did it help you decide you need a multistrada claire?