Monday Roll Call

Hah, I went to Airbourne on the Saturday and thought it was a bit rubbish :slight_smile: Everywhere I wanted to watch from was either heaving with people or had a burger van or BMW in the way…

Morning all, could someone remind me how to paste pics from facebook? I have a thread idea, hopefully better than the one mentioning the patches XD!

link to picture like this


Morning all… Don’t know how I managed to wake up this morning, had all of two hours sleep!

hahahahh thanks Rob, did you posted that after uploading it to Imgur, I know how to on Imgur, but not from FB.

Never mind, I got it, copy image location it is…

oooooo is that the new ride?

that’s the new ride. with a professionally fitted USB socket

Ah, he got your ‘handiwork’ replaced?

Mian you just spoiled my next Praise post! I have to say it worked wonders, charged everything and nothing fell apart! Thanks
@Bang, yes it’s newish

Like it dude, well done :slight_smile:


Tinterwebs been down on the far side :frowning:

Ride safe out there

Good evening. Only got out of bed two hours ago after nursing a big migraine.
Massive dosage of Nurofen just about done the trick, not what I was planning on my first day of holiday.

@pricetta… £1400+ plus yesterday. Only about £900 ish today. … but it was a monday lol

Whoot! :grin: