Monday rideouts

Given the stay at home order ends on Monday, any of the reluctant bikers going to dust off your beauty for some social riding? Always up for a Finchingfield catch up if anyone is heading to the sticks.

(Stay local is the unforecable guideline that applies from Monday so no laws will be broken)

Finchingfield is too common and too close to me after all this time of lockdown. I need to stretch my legs further. Myself and a buddy are doing a big loop from Essex to the Cotswolds.

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I’m missing the LDr’s and RTE’s. At this rate The 250’s never gonna get run in.

@bluelagos time and where to meet on Monday? I’m OK setting off from yours.

Seeing my Dad Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday both good. Let know if either suits . Can come to yours for 10 if that suits?

If it’s Tuesday happy to do a Norfolk run. Wed, got to be back for 2pm so something more local.

Tuesday is good, Norfolk is good. Brancaster Crab Hut doesn’t open until April, Fishers of Hunstanton, according to their website, are open from 11:30 am to 8 pm for seaside fish n chips. For the afternoon we could scoot round the Norfolk/Suffolk coastline. Or if you have something else in mind I’m happy to go along with that.

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Sounds like a plan. Am I coming to you or you to me?

For Norfolk me to you and I assume a route something like Hadleigh, Bury St Edmunds, Walkers (coffee stop), Brandon, Kings Lynn and Hunstanton.

Usual 10 am kick off?

30 minute stop off at Walkers should see us in Hunstanton for 1:30 ish lunch.

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See u at 10 :relaxed:

Looking at the forecast, might have to do an ice cream at Cromer or Yarmouth on the way home :slight_smile:

Ice cream? OK if I must!

Summats come up NT. Can we move to Thursday?

I really recommend staying away from the normal biker haunts for a while, they’ll be absolutely rammed.

Thursday’s good and the Brancaster Crab Hut will be open too. So maybe Brancaster instead of Hunstanton.

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