Monday morning shake up

Hi I’m pretty new, I just did a little intro on the newbie page. Appologies for no avatar, work computer cant hack uploading a 150x150 picture.

Just wanted to share a little story about my gorgeous 6am commute this morning.

So I was riding along a dual carriage way in the morning darkness getting drenched by the rain on a lovely Monday morning. Bleary eyed as usual after not enough sleep, I approached a roundabout with the intention of turning left. There was a large puddle covering the entire left hand lane so I turned left from the middle lane as there was no one else on the roads. As I come onto the right hand lane of the joining dual carriageway there is a girl in a rain coat no older than 6 running in the middle of the road towards me!

So I nearly bin the bike getting out the way of the kid and look around to see if there are any parents around to question about why their kid is running in the dark and rain down a 40 mph road. No one around. Not a sole, luckily a car had just stopped after they saw me struggle to get around the girl and stopped for her so I carried on my way.

Just thought I’d share that as a reminder of you never EVER know what is going to be in the road around the corner, so keep em peeled!

Hope she was ok, poor little thing, I hope the person who stopped to help her, could. :slight_smile: