Monday Morning luggage fail

Rear seat and kreiga US20 parted company with the bike this morning! Not the best way to start a Monday. Only had the bike a week and the tail pack has been my fav peice of kit for carrying stuff. Not sure if I can trust one again though :frowning:

Looks like either the rear seat catch failed or I hadn’t latched properly…

So what luggage systems would people recommend for a CBR? I’ve sourced a seat on ebay but might look into modifying the old one to prevent such mishaps in future. Maybe make some sort of storage unit out of it as there’s bugger all on the bike itself?

Interesting to see an almighty Kriega product actually ‘road tested’ :slight_smile:

What is it you can’t trust though? The Kriega or the seat/ bike?
It seems unlikely that the tailpack caused the problem.

And remember, a textile bag won’t offer the best protection against tarmac.

You could get a top box and rack; or try modifying your rear seat and attaching a baseplate for a topbox. It looks a little strange, but works a treat if done correctly.

bring the seat around here, wasp will recover it, may be cheaper than another seat?

Seems like you didn’t click the seat in fully or the strap got jammed in the lock preventing it from fully closing, expensive lesson though!

Managed to source a new seat on ebay this morning for £50, have yet to decide what to do with the old one. Could get it re-covered as a spare.

I think the straps may well have interfered with the catch. I was always wary of this when using it on my bandit previously so always spend a bit of time checking it before setting off and definately pressed it down till it clicked. This is the first time I’ve used it on the CBR and its definately more fiddly to keep the straps out of the way due to the spacing of them in comparison to the length of the seat. The other possibility is a faulty latch. I’ve seen car bonnet latches come undone through vibration after definately being shut (renault had to recall a load of clios for this).

spot on i rekon!

Were you going fast at the time? If it was around town then it seems that something must have interferred with the latch. I can’t see how else it could have failed and I don’t think it was a fault with the Kreiga.

With respect to other luggage options, on my 600RR, I had a Givi Monokey plate drilled into a spare pillion seat and mounted a Givi Maxima 52 litre top box onto it. That seemed like a good idea at the time but it was a lot to ask of the pillion seat when the box was fully loaded. It certainly didn’t feel like it was up to the job. Plus the box didn’t look great and interferred with the handling. The drilled seat also warped from the exhaust heat, I don’t think they are designed to be drilled. You also couldn’t swing your leg over it with the box in place.

I use a Kreiga now. I think you should buy another Kreiga and leave the straps on permamently.

thats what ya supposed to do :smiley: