Monday morning half awake roll call


Jeez… I need to sort out this insomnia…

Have a good week everyone.

Remember, it’s a speed limit not a target.


ps. this really get my nerves


Good morning folks.

Am taking a break this week


Blade when you wake with insomnia next time go and clean the oven. Your brain won’t let you wake at that time again.


back on the bike today after 2 weeks on the train


The problem is that I do have cleaning OCD. So this have to be something I hate… like… better not go that way of thinking.



morning all! slept well, got in on time, everyone’s happy at work as we had a good show yesterday. things are good!


Morning all!

Been for a run. Had my coffee, time for work. Thankfully with this heat, work is done from home today.