Monday morning Goldilocks roll call

Morning LBrs

Not too hot, not too wet. It’s just right for our commute to work.

The schools have broken up and the absence of the distracted mums driving their Chelsea tractors mean it’s a little safer for us as well.

Have a great day.

Morning all
Another day another dollar

Morning all. Lovely cool ride into work.

Morning everyone! Out for a run then down to business:

Morning Peeps

Will we see the return of the list, formalities (no pets) and all.

the pets killed it last time

Morning all, adsl;gjsdkjdlfksjbvkldfs kljdf

Morning all. have you ever cleaned your chain runner and under it?



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Today we’ll mostly be tidying up that cornice we fitted this weekend but there is a little time set aside to play.

@me_groovy Its a chain slider my friend, a chain slider and, like the discs, it should be routinely cleaned and inspected for wear as part of a proper job maintenance schedule. Best done when you get down and diirty cleaning and inspecting the sprockets and drive chain for wear etc. Paraffin, spudger, suitable brushes and oily rags are your best friend. Who has not been doing your maintenance and servicing?

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Me, I’ve a scottoiler instead and my chains last over 10000 miles. When was the last time you removed yours and cleaned underneath it?

I always take the front sprocket cover off & clean it the crap out including cleaning the slider
have you ever cleaned the chain guard they collect crap as well

@me_groovy Last time I removed my chain slider and cleaned underneath was 12,000 miles back when I replaced the drive chain and sprockets. Its been inspected and cleaned twice since then along with the drive chain and sprockets.

I’m old school and don’t see the need or benefit of having a scotoiler. The drive chain and sprockets need to be inspected from time to time and to do that they need to be cleaned. I’ve eliminated the need to clean underneath the chain slider by fitting it on a bed of clear silicone sealant.

Nice job, now of course you have to clean the engine too now :slight_smile:

mmm this has turned into an exercise in cleaning the bike as I disassemble. Quite looking forward to cleaning up the exhaust.

Perhaps you should just dip the whole thing in an acid bath.

Realistically, I should dip it in petrol. And set light to it.

Yes. Strip and clean each part when changing the C&S and then keep it nicely lubed for the life of the chain. Also remove front sprocket cover once in a while and clean that area out. And under the chain guide and rear sprocket.

Monday’s cleaning tips as well!

Afternoon you lot, I ain’t cleaning nothing today, as it has rained and done it for me :smiley:


@me_groovy: I want to clean it but I cant find one, where is it?


You don’t have one, they only come on good bikes.