Monday Morning Blues

To all that hate Mondays.

Coming back to work after the weekend having to set that dam alarm again and waiting another 5 days to moan and dread it all again.

I hate Mondays

I hate every working day, but monday’s got to be the worst… :crazy::angry::crazy:

i ve got the next 7 mondays off but would rather be at work:D

I work from home, mondays = lay in :smiley:

I also love my job so weekdays are fine for me…

oh and I have a day on a boat charter wednesday with some jet skiing to break the week up…

sorry to not share in your misery :stuck_out_tongue:

Today involves moto gp catch up right now, maybe a quick blast on the bike later, girls night out 2nite!
Not really a bad day for me either!! :wink:

love yr job? wot do you do leon

The sun’s out, the sky is blue, it could be a whole lot worse! :smiley:

Monday morning blues:

see I work nights, sunday to thursday, so only 4 nights left to do:D and love monday mornings,lol

i took today off work and slept in on this fine monday so is all good :smiley:

Would you like some salt to rub in the wound :smiley:

never been a fan of Monday may be if i liked my job it would be ok every day would be a blast.

mr bike (04/07/2011)

sales mate but work from home and run my own diary :wink: