Monday - it's a cold one

Ice on the road. Be careful!

but its not raining which makes a nice change :slight_smile:

No bikery for me in the ice.

Its not cold with your heated gloves on at 75% :smiley:

Morning all…

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Morning all. It was cool this morning, not quite cold yet, but it is working its way in that direction. Glove liners in. No heated doodahs though.

Good morning LB

Morning all…

Take it eeeaaasasssssyyyyyy. :cool:

Morning all!! That’s it Sean you gloat, I think you sabotaged my heated gloves when you “fixed” them yesterday! haha I think I have minor frost bite in my fingers now!!

morning all

Defo heated grips day

Tomorrow forcast foggy be careful

mmm - no heated gloves - no heated grips = Imiss my old Guzzi wgere i could fondle the hot cylinder heads at traffic lights mmmmmmmmmmm


Liners, heated gloves, fondling cylinder heads - sounds like we’re heading towards summer

no mention of muff yet?

where’s plum?

Morning all!


Good Morning London

I see the Roll Call has been relegated to post 4 and muff to post 12 :hehe:

Decisions decisions - put the winter liners in the Targa or dig out the old Frank Thomas from the lock up. Black or Red? Red or Black? :ermm:

First things first, this morning I’ll mostly be fixing punctures, that’s the fourth and fifth in 14 months :w00t:

Indeed a cold morning!!!

Good morning all…

Good Morning
I’m so happy I’ve fitted heated grips over weekend!

heated grips, but was hankering for some muff this morning! I shall be getting some muff tomorrow for certain.

heated grip+muff+summer gloves = happiness.

BB2 has a flat rear tyre if you fancy making that six.:slight_smile:

Morning all, I apologise in advance for the rain, it will happen soon cos I just washed the bike and it always rains soon after.

Ride safe and enjoy the sunshine