Monday 11th August

Anyone fancy doing this trackday at Silverstone. £159 with no limits trackdays.

I’m looking at booking this as soon as the leave request gets through. Probably going up the night before, get the Premier Inn or a BnB. I’ll be in novices on a Honda CBF1000 - only done one trackday before!

hope to catch you up there, Scorch are you still intrested in this.

Leave request approved and trackday booked. Premier Inn at Silverstone is £35 a night so booked into that as well. Pub on site so will ride up evening before for dinner!

yeah I,m in, book this week also, I live close enough so will drive up on the day. :slight_smile:

Fair play Rosso, it took me 2 hours to get to Silverstone from mine last time I rode there and I’d rather not be getting up at 5 to make the sign in! But then I iz souwf London.

urgggh just seen this, doh, it’s full now so have booked Snett.

looks like it could be an intresting day for this tomorrow.

Stuart I have PM’d you my mobile number

‘‘Interesting’’ isn’t quite the word I’d use for what the forecasters say we have in store for tomorrow :w00t:. I think you may need more than a brolly dolly to keep your bits dry. Are you still going if it’s chucking down?

yeah of course I am, got waterproofs, wet tyres Pr4S, so will be fine. you coming to hold the brolly then?

LoL, I think I could do with a brolly dolly myself. I’m supposed to be outside surveying all day - ‘‘interesting’’ isn’t the word I’d use for that, either!!!

Have you got one of those uber alluring plastic leotard thingies to go over your leathers? Gggrrrrrrrr, sexy :smiley:

maybe, but you wont know unless your there :D:D

Sooooo are you a damp squid yet … ?

surprisingly not Tim, had glorious sunshine all day long, although it was quite windy.

Managed to survive all day with out doing anything stupid, well almost, but the least said about that the better at the moment. ( no I didn’t fall of, and the bike is in one piece)

ooh the suspense …

Must have been on his way home Tim, didn’t see him do anything silly on track!

Weather was excellent - dry, sunny, and the crosswinds weren’t too bad - I say this as someone who hates riding in crosswinds.

Quite a lot of crashes - there must have been a red flag every session in the fast group. Early on in the day someone had a motor let go (again in fast group), which left a lot of oil down along the National Pits straight and into Copse. Despite the sand being down (and resanded at lunchtime), I didn’t quite fully trust it, although a lot of folk happily charged over it.

Having not done a trackday for two years it was interesting to note that the number of bikes with numberplates on were in the very small minority.