Monday 10th march-RIDE or NOT?

hey all

looks like we have some nasty weather approaching us for monday and tuesday, wind is gonna be blowing up to 30mph, also fair bit of rain, thinking about braving the bus again!?:w00t::wink:

Do you really want to do it to your bike ? Leave her alone at home ? for me there is no weather to stop me form riding :slight_smile: have 6 miles to work though:P

Step away from the motorcycle :smiley:

no course i dont! i only ahe about 6 miles too, but still its a mission!

lo @ricky:D:hehe:

Adrian, judging by some of your recent posts i think you need to get a girlfriend mate ;)… I mean bikes are cool an all that but how do you know ‘‘she’’ is a girl ??:smiley:


He prolly thinking the exhaust looking better everyday :w00t::w00t:

he he :slight_smile:

Daytona word finishes with ‘a’. In Poland all girly names finish with ‘a’ :wink: So that’s how I know that She :slight_smile:

Heh girlfriend wouldn’t be a bad idea but have to look for one which will accept me and my bike:P

I’d go by bike, last year I forced myself to ride in dodgy weather so I get used to it, if you don’t do that then when you get caught out you’ll not know what to do.

At least now you know it’s coming and can prepare for it :slight_smile: You might even enjoy it, never let anything get the better of you.

well i commute 36 miles per day, so i dont have any other choice but to ride, but it does make you more aware of the conditions.:slight_smile:

hows the job going westie ? you sorting out the scallys up there or what ? :slight_smile:

its going really good ta, long hours and 6 days a week every other week, got a nice benelli tnt 1130 sport to play with at the mo til my new zed is ready.:D.

As for the scallys, well im working in Lancashire, so ya dont tend to get many oop there!:smiley:

so you are gettign a zed! you git…post some pics up whenyou get it:D please!them tnts are funky man! good tohear all is well for ya westie.anyway back to the thread…i get ya slarty, i forced mysefl to ride in all weathers before, at first i thought my tyres were crap in the wet, now im used to them, much more confdent in the wet, i know what i can and cant get away with, in the wet you just jhave to be smooth,and lower the speeds down bit, the worst thing i find is i cant see alot throught teh visor!!:smiley:

Have you tried pinlock ? Solves all the visibility problems, perfect bit of kit.

Pinlock is fantastic.:smiley:

Going back to the weather - Jackie and I ride in all weathers as long as the conditions are not dangerous, such as snow on the ground etc. In the morning I will be checking the Met Office website for the most up to date warnings and predictions and also having a look at he web site of someone who lives 400 yards away and maintains a weather station. Currently the forecast for the period of my morning commute is 48mph wind with 60mph gusts for South London. That is strong enough to break smaller branches from trees and cause items like chimney pots and slates to fly off houses, cause scaffolding to collapse etc. It is rubbish and recycling collection round here Monday morning so the roads will be littered with all sorts of stuff that has been left out overnight. As always with the weather I will make an assessment of safety before I travel based on the latest info.

Of course the weather forecast is always liable to be wrong so we could have much better weather tomorrow or maybe much worse. :slight_smile:

Go ahead, ride. It is my wife’s and my 24th anniversary.

I had to come home via the A13 & QE2 Bridge as the blackwall was closed - I think the A13 was more windy than the bridge, not a journey I’d want to do everyday in heavy wind & rain! :stuck_out_tongue: