Modern Warfare 2 ps3 Any teams on here ?

I am getting tired of killing by myself and all my friends have Xbox’s. Are there any teams on here for MW2 on the PS3 ? I would like to join one …just call me billy

alright mate, join team AWOL that’s me and my mates we were the proper original AWOL team as well.

Think my user is thesleepermk2 add me as a friend me and my mates are usually online (ok well my mates I don’t get much time)

We could start a London Bikers team aswell :smiley:

I’m getting this one for xmas, I hope ;]

i bought a ps3 the other day for after I finish my exams at the end of next week so im up for some team gaming.

Oli hows tricks? Its Anil here from UBS. Where you at these days?

Hey I am ok, finally got a job after 10 months off though did spend 5 of that on the beach so it wasnt too bad! How are things with you ?

Anil whats your online name ?

ps to the sleeper …thanks for the invite I will join later

Got it on PC. Love it!

get a ps3 !:smiley:

I’ll join ya later tonight Sleeper :smiley:

Ive become a gaming geek now I got no wheels :frowning:

I’ve got one, but the PC is better :slight_smile:


I use COD 4 on the PC but wanted to set up a PS3 style game controller and found I cant… What model controller do you use for gaming on the PC, just a standard key pad and mouse? I just use Logitech wireless with optical mouse. I find it quite awkward sometimes although I have improved I still find it a pain :w00t: Do you know if there is any better options to set up with a controller for COD MW2 on the PC. If so I might invest in the PC version too.

Oh BTT, PS3 ID is Blak_Kat and Gunnerr1 :smiley:

PC tag Blak_kat :hehe:

Standard config, used WASD/Mouse for too many years to change now. Oddly though I cannot get more than a 1:1 k/d ratio without a couple of Jack Daniels inside of me. Very rewarding walking around as ninja with the striker shotgun, hehe :slight_smile:

i can setup a londonbikers team on PC, so when you go on steam you will see whos in game and invite if there not, i did it with xfire and there are four of us on there at the mo, but its manly me and animal gaming, if you want me to do it let me know.

V_Lestat <<<<< steam ID

oh by the way my id on PS3 is trinioli

I will be joining tonight

My ps3 only arrived this morning. Im not setting it up till i finish my exam on sat but will add u oli. 5 months on the beach…nice.

Not a PS3 control, but i use an XBOX 360 control on my pc, you’ll need one of these;