Moderate risk of more snow later this afternoon

It`s been snowing a bit since 3.30pm in North London.

Well if I’d have left that any later, I’d not have got home on the bike…

That’s cutting it fine!

It wasn’t too bad here in the south of town… just cold and sporadic flurries.

1" of the poxy stuff here again …(kent)

Been snowing here in essex really heavy since 8 and its settling!!!:w00t::doze:

Didn’t realise till I’d got all my gear ready to ride into work tomorro that snows settled here in Romford. AND i forgot to put the cover my bike!!! D’OH ! :smiley:

Now I remember why I’ve never quite trusted the Met. Office predictions. (Nor do the armed forces. They take the raw data and crunch it themselves.)

Not a lot, but about 1cm, still snowing and still building in LB Bromley.

Metcheck predict snow until 06:00, then overcast. Tomorrow could be exciting.

did snow but not for long and it did not stick here in surrey and north hampshire

I got caught out in it. Was hard to see where I was going on the A40! Still, those BT016’s are good. Not one slide! Annoyed though as I’d only washed the thing last night and now it needs it again :-/

not wanting to sound mental but i would really like it if it snowed like last monday. i could get a day off work(paid of course).

just rain here in east london…hope its stays that way!:smiley:

Everywhere is white up here, looks like im gona have fun driving home tomoz… not, it took an extra 3 hours to get back down to here on sunday beacuase of the snow :frowning:

Nice dusting of snow on the way home. Tried rain-x on my visor for the first time and I think it helped! :cool:

Don’t often ride while it’s snowing :smiley:

Buses running tomorrow.

Just looked outside and the snow has melted away.

did start here in south east london but has stop now… looks like there is more up there thou!!!

I had a very unpleasant ride home last night, left Vauxhall about 7:20, got to Chelmsford about 9. The A12 was pretty scary stuff but the A414 was worse when I turned off. Was very relieved to make it home shiny side up.

Thank heavens for Gore-Tex, Avon tyres and a pinlock visor, they all performed brilliantly and I’d have been stuffed without them!

My drive looked like this when I got home…