Model shoot at NEC Motorcycle lIve

We hired a model for a few hours and took a few snaps

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice one mate :slight_smile:

I want to know if the guy in the first photo has his tongue hanging out at the bike or the girl.

And there was me hoping for Airfix and shotguns .

This was the best one, you get a nice view of the tank protector :smiley:

That’s a nice camera he has got!!! :Whistling:

Her name is Candice Collyer in case you want to do any more research. Throwing the word “schoolgirl” in with the search may be of particular interest, but not while you’re at work.



I’m sure Candice used to Simon Andrews partner until his untimely death :pensive:

I got topless pics of her on asbo’s ktm when we did a ktm photo day a few years back, shame we ain’t got the adult section i could have posted her :smiley:

Jetstream you need to check out Candice for yourself, with the school girl bit added

Search for her on Bing with the filter turned off, she isn’t shy!:w00t:

Mrs J back on the premises. Censorship of computer - needs no more said about this.


That of course doesn’t mean that you can’t upload them to the “cloud” and share the link :Whistling:

Yeah, she did. Naturally took it quite badly.

Whoops, that was a little too Jimmy Saville, I hope Mrs Art doesn’t check my history