mod 2 in tolworth

hey guys, hop you are all well . i’m gearing up for my mod 2 next week , i will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

oh and if you have the time then please do share you experience for us newbies benefit , thanks

Welcome to LB, good luck with your Mod 2 :slight_smile:

Get familiar with the roads around there - plenty of 20mph only and then the more country-type roads of the Plough and Esher.

Best of luck buddy!

Relax, concentrate, relax some more, concentrate!!!

Good luck, just remember to keep an eye on the speed of the road.

I know it’s already been said

But I was told if it a 60mph road try and get close enough. They want to know you can handle the bike.

One guy before my mod 2 failed because he done 40 in a 60 zone!

Think of it as a nice little ride out and you be fine. Remember lifesavers and to turn your indicators off.

^^^^ no it’s because your holding up traffic.

^^^.that as well

But his instructor told us that and so did another examiner!

thank you all for your input

my only problem is that i hate being examined !!!
i failed my mod 1 the first time because i was nervous ! i ended up stalling the bike during slalom and failed :((
next time around my attitude was i have failed already so lets just go through the motions and i passed :)))

this is my first attempt at mod 2 (and hopefully last ) lets see how this one goes … i am gonna go and check out the area before the test so i think i will be ok :slight_smile:

I failed my mod 1 the first time, the second time I tapped my foot down on the figure of eight.

I thought that was the end of it, but the examiner told me I passed. He continued to explain that you don’t know what they are thinking. So just carry on. (I looked at him an shook my head, he motioned keep going)

The reason it was ok for me was my bike that I took it on had a rubbish turn.

I thought I had also failed mod 2 rode the worst in my life, but passed.

What I’m trying to say is take it easy, don’t think about it being a test if you passed yippee if you fail it will cost you a few more pounds and you had a mock test and feedback for the examiners. So use as a good experience.

But you will be fine mod 2 is much easier than mod 1 I hated that one especially the manual handling.

Don’t think about it too much good luck


The examiner won’t make any concession for the type of machine you use on test. If you make a very quick dab to the ground and carry-on it should get marked as a rider fault. It would be marked as a Serious fault if your foot becomes load bearing and supports the weight of the machine.

Good point Iggy but the examiner himself told me that on both mod 1’s you don’t know what we are thinking.

I was also told on mod 2 it was they style of bike and I handled it very well.

Maybe they used discretion. At the end of day they make the decision.

I was told about the turn my bike, when I done the U turn.

I’m only quoting what I was told.

Iggy next time your at ace let me know, I will tell the full account of my test due to the fact it’s to long to post and don’t really want to put all details on the web. You will find it very interesting. Good for an instructor to know

well i am a fat boy so manual handling is not a problem :slight_smile: but yes you are right mod 1 is alot harder because the examiner is watching your every move like a hawk or a builder working outside a strip club…

the good thing is that i have not got anything to ride at the min so when i get out there i will be more focused on the road … thankyou for your input nic it was really helpful .

Hey Nic…

Examiners do take things into consideration. The tests are not as black and white as some people may think.

Well done on passing Mod1 & Mod2… I like using Tolworth test centre for Module 2 tests, it’s in a good area. Mainly use Uxbridge and occasionally Farnborough.

its test day tomorrow and i am ill :frowning:

good luck… !! let us know how it goes… and i hope you feel better…

Good luck, sun is coming out later.

Hopefully you’ll be too ill to think about the fact you’re being examined. There you go, both problems solved!

failed with 14 minors :slight_smile:

Hey, at least it wasn’t a major! Good luck next time :slight_smile:

Well done on Mod 1. Too bad about Mod2 but you’ll prob get it next time! Best of luck:)