Mod 1

So day 2 into Mod 1 training. Test in Uxbridge tomorrow. Feeling generally grumpy and thinking this is all totally insane. Why am I doing this? Have dropped the bike on both days, one on a right hand u turn. Just sooooo crap at u turns.
This is really hard. And really scary at the same time. Some stuff I can actually do like the speed exercises, emergency stop and swerving, but a lot I have not mastered yet.On the plus side, I really liked the bike: a Yamaha XJ6. Still debating if I’m going to actually go and do this tomorrow…:unsure:


hey, what have you got to lose? apart from a test fee which you will lose anyway?

I dropped the bike too, on day 1, as we arrived at the test centre! thankfully that was a Sunday and we went there for practice. In the test I put my foot down in the U turn, (hate U turns too!) but was luckily just a dab so I passed. If you are sure you are going to fail, then just say sod it, go along for a laugh and the experience. if you expect nothing then you wont be disappointed, you can go away and practice and have another go another day!

Or, you will probably pass!

Mod 1 is hard, it’s supposed to be, you wont be the first IF you fail, and I guarantee you wont be the most spectacular fail they have seen if the worst does occur.

I wish you the very best of luck, just try to relax a bit, take big deep breaths and do it one manoeuvre at a time!

Mod 2 is easy in comparison by the way.

First rule of riding bike (any bike including push bike), at speed every idiot can do it, but ask a rider to follow 7yo on the way to school and you will find how good is his control of the bike.

Well mate don’t worry, take your L and go out (now) try to reach slowest CONTROLLED speed (hint clutch and back break are your best friends) and by controlled I mean you are not wobbly and you changing direction not the bike. When you do it at 3-5mph you will be ok on U-turn.
Remember there are more than one U turn (to be fair I was afraid as well of this one as it is very easy to drop if you don’t have control).

Don’t think you are not up for it, you just have to focus and well knees together to the tank and be one you and the bike. Don’t focus on one exercise because you will forgot shoulder checks and you will get fail because of them.

Good luck!


Thanks KTM D for the supportive comments. I was so shattered this morning and found it so hard yesterday I almost didn’t go. But my son (who passed his A2 in Jan in the blizzards) told me to ‘man up’, so I went. Bizarrely I don’t have a problem with the figure of 8, or the slalom, just the u turn!
Nice to hear I’m not the only bike dropper out there. You’re right, I have nothing to lose. I just have so much respect for you all, riding a bike is really hard!

Thanks Blade. You guys are so nice. I can do the slow ride ok, surprisingly. For some reason my brain is refusing to let me turn right, so have to fight my brain and make it believe that the bike can actually turn. It’s crazy. Also I was going too slow at first. The thing that helps me the most is to keep looking where I’m turning and keeping arms slightly bent as opposed to dead straight with fear! So much stuff to remember. I hope it won’t be as windy as today tomorrow…

L star dont get hung up on the u turn…u can do it, after 2nd obb’s look where you want to get to, keep the momentum going, if you feel your losing your balance…feed the clutch out a bit, your get there :slight_smile:

I found the u-turn the hardest bit to do & struggled to get my head around the fact my instructor wanted me to keep the throttle open slightly & use the back brake. I was forever slipping the clutch!
Its just practice & remember that once youve done it, you can do what the hell you like after you pass.
My instructor would make me do it again & again, in July, in leathers. The sweat was pouring off me!!
I got so good at it, on my exam I turned TOO tight and stopped so far away from the imaginary kerb, that the examiner pulled me for it. D’oh.
Just keep looking when you want to go and the bike will follow.

Keep going, I had trouble with the U turn, I measured it and chalked it in a local car park till I got the hang of it.

I have also dropped the bike several times when I was learning. Just read the post about best moments!
I also treated it like a mock test if I failed we’ll I got a bit of practice.

The guys at Uxbridge are really nice and fair.

Good luck

If its windy as today the examiner will cancel the test, he did it to me at 18/20mph he looked around and called it off after the U turn!

Have faith in yourself, think positive. It’ll be fine. :wink:

And later on today you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about
Good luck Lstar, just enjoy it


make sure you let us all know how it goes



Thanks everyone for your support!!!, particularly Ally:) really appreciated the calls.
And thanks to all your good advice I did nail the U turn today! hurray. Even lulled the examiner into a false sense of security, doing all the slow maneouvres ok, then I went and I rushed a turn just before the e test, made it far too tight for myself, lost balance, dropped the bike. This is becoming a seriously bad habit…Anyone’s got suggestions apart from the obvious more practise?

Never mind, I’m happy cos I have my enthusiasm back and smiling on the bike again, when I was getting to the point of considering stopping altogether, for me that’s the main thing.

Sadly the guy who was taking it at the same time failed as well, knocked the cone on the swerve, right at the end of his test. He was gutted as he’d done everything perfectly all week.

Cheers again everyone. Hopefully will redo it next week.

What a shame

Are you talking about the u turns after the official one in between the two white lines?

If that is so you have to make the turn to do all the other tasks ie emergency stop swerve. You don’t have to do a proper U turn just do it wide and take all the space you need.( within reason) Someone may correct me but again, that’s what the examiner told me.

You will get there just treat as experience.

Pm me if you want mod 1 was my enemy!

Yes it is correct, other u-turns can be done whatever way you want and whatever wide you want, only requirement is shoulder check.
If you need someone to practice with and maybe hear second opinion what you may do wrong or good, let me know.


hiya sweetie!

I’m sorry to hear about your mod 1… if it makes you feel any better I had the same habit of dropping the bike too, and I am still not a fan of U turns…

You will get there! I am afraid the only advice I can give is look where you want to go, and don’t drop the revs … unfortunately I am hopeless at at remembering to do either!!

Oh and breathe … I was terrified at my mod 1 … both times… :slight_smile:

Shout if you want to bimble around Uxbridge to get to know the roads a little for your mod 2 - and before everyone yells about cheating and being able to ride anywhere, a bit of confidence helps take the nerves away :stuck_out_tongue:

LStar, tip for the u-turn.

You probably know this already, but I found this the easiest way.

You don’t have to initiate the turn immediately, so for me I found it easier to go forward several meters first, and get the clutch, throttle and back brake balance just right.

This means you’re going in a straight line at the right speed with all your controls correct. At this point you shouldn’t need to adjust the controls at any point in the turn - keep them steady.

Now just focus on the turn itself - again, you probably know this, but pick a spot over your shoulder and focus on it.

If you do find you need to adjust your speed, it’s easiest to just apply more pressure on the back brake, but keep the clutch / throttle constant.

Out of interest, what’s the reason for dropping it? are you grabbing the front brake? is it a body positioning issue? going to slow?

Good luck, and don’t give up :slight_smile:

L star is now a non dropper :cool:
She’s been moto’d :slight_smile:

yes, Nic, the U turns for the speed tasks. You’re absolutely right, the examiner DID say take your time and all the space you want, I just rushed it instead, lost balance and drop the bike. Have PM’d you.

Thanks Blade, have PM’d you too.

Have texted you.