Mock Theory Test...

Thanks Barro, but you’re a bit late.

nice one :slight_smile:

Well Done!!!


Well done, only one more part to go , best of luck


Congrats Pix.

When’s the next bit?


one down, only one to go

As soon as I get the practise in you’ll know when I’m ready for part 2! I’m fine in traffic etc - it’s just stupid things like u-turns without putting your feet down and stuff like that

Well… I say I’m fine at riding through traffic and jumping 12 buses but who knows - I need second opinions… and one of them would be never to post when youre drunk

All that stuff isn’t hard. It mainly comes down to confidence, riding dominantly and doing all you life savers.

The thing that seems to freak most people out is having to rev the engine quite high on a u-turn and control it with the clutch, but it’s really not that hard.

I haven’t read this whole thread so this question may have been answered…but people taking the car test these days have to do Hazard Perception?

When I did my car test it was back in the 90’s when all you had to do was drive with an instructor…none of this computer fangled nonsense…

But have they started to force cagers to think about being perceptive and “LOOKING OUT FOR OTHER ROAD USERS YET”?

Thanks Toby… but I passed

Are you offering to run a masterclass for this then, as you may have a few students

Where have you been? Is the facial hair a hint? have you been on the time machine back to the victorian days again? You’ve been warned about that you know…

Well done GP…



The Mini Mo Guide to Manoeuvers… eh?