Mock Theory Test...

Hi All,

I’ve got my theory test coming up very soon and want to get some practise in to make sure I pass! Can anyone recommend any good websites where I can find a free mock theory test. I’ve only come across one and the questions are the same each time I do it.


GP x

I’ve got the disk here somewhere - it has the Q&A’s plus the Hazard Perception!

If i can find it i’ll lend it to ya! Just buy me a pint if ya pass first time!

Thanks but my test is in 4 hours

so when you said coming soon - you ment extremely soon?!?

…erm … yeah

Nothing like being prepared!

Well all I can say is good luck

Just read the book from cover to cover. It’s not difficult and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get 100%.

The hard bit is the rather arbitrary motion sickness test, I mean hazard perception test.

I used this when I was doing mine - it’s not hugely thrilling but makes you more confident that you know everything you need to, especially when it’s only 4 hours away!

Good luck!

Agreed, I sailed through both parts when I did it. It’s all common sense anyway, and as we are all bikers the perception test is easy for us!

Good luck babes x

Cheers Snoopy - that’s the one I’ve been using and funnily enough after doing it a couple of times I end up getitng 100%. Same questions different order… but it makes me feel clever

Thanks for the luck everyone…

Now all I need to do is find my good ol’ paper licence

Drove surely?

Good luck GP


Phew - what a relief! 1 down 1 to go…

Well done

nice one you!

What did you get?


I got two wrong in the multiple choice (1 was Attitude - don’t know what their f**king getting at!)

and 62 out of 75 for the eye numbing hazard perception

But… YAY!!!

That’s great news hun, well done.

You’ll be on a big bike soon enough


DVLA…do a download with the Q+A…and give you a good view of the format of the View+Click Video part.

good luck…and when ya pass …you owe me !!!