Mobility and exercises for motorcyclists

Mobility, coordination and exercises for motorcyclists!

In case you’ve not come across this. New channel.

Does anyone do any exercise specifically to help riding? The older crew have to worry about this more I guess? I’m officially older crew now I think…

I went for a ride out couple of Fridays ago. First big ride in a long time… About 4 hours riding total for the day with a few breaks. 1.5 hours longest stretch. My hips were shot at the end of the day. I work out generally, but do sit a lot for work.

Might have to do more mobility… Least I’ve got something to watch now while I stretch… :blush:


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You just want an excuse to wear your leotard don’t you? :rofl:

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If riding a few times a week I’m ok at being bike fit but still good to do a few stretches before and after each ride.
I do fidget on a bike to try not to stay in one position too long.

A few stretching exercises each morning seems to set me up for the day. Don’t see the point of much of what she’s doing there but if it gets you out and about go for it. If you’re feeling any discomfort while riding chances are your riding position is the cause.

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Or you have an underlying health condition.

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Most likely riding an incorrect riding position, that’s not to rule out other issues.

I’m on a 2005 R6. I was totally blaming the ride position on the bike for my discomfort.

I’ll pay more attention to my position. I do tend to be forward.

I would expect a feet forward or upright bike to be fine, bit I’ve never tried.

Due to arthritis I sometimes get discomfort in a few places. It is possible the riding position does not help, but they are all things which can occur at any time.

What an excellent way to say “yes, you’re right”

Stretching generally is good, do it when you can, as you can and how you can… I tried doing Pilates for core and stretching in one go but couldn’t fit in classes when I changed jobs…

Yoga has never been my thing but well worth it for increased flexibility and strength.

But like with everything, riding a bike regularly will probably cure most simple pains and aches.

This places gets more like mumsnet everyday :slight_smile:

nah, if people start with Covid-19/5G conspiracies, or anti mask, or flat earthers or vaccines causes autism shit then I will personally go on a cunt hunt to kill the dense motherfuckers.

Somehow have to pass the time…

Didn’t we have that a couple of months back?

Takes a while to dial in. I hadn’t ridden the 959 Panigale for a while… then I did. It hurt like a beech!

Then after a few days I got used to it.

Serves me right for always using the upright and comfy BMW.

Stopped going to yoga in March due to lockdown. Really miss Jane the yoga teacher.

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I’m so going to be shot for this… Maybe road cycling? Even a lot professional racers cycle for fitness.

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Two wheels = good. Engine, motor or legs, it’s all good :slight_smile:

Have thought about opening a cycle category for a while now.

I sit far too many hours a day for work, not the best position either. Don’t ride the motorbike often these days! Excercise/stretch couple of times a week. Probably perfect storm for problems.

Yoga/pilates would bore me to death for sure. Cycling is actually a good idea to add!

Maybe Jay could organise a LB Yoga or Pilates session? Keep you mofos happy :- :rofl: