i know have LB working on my mobile… Be prepared to see completely random posts as im in hiding waiting to be found by a dog.

oh god there isnt an LB app now is there!?

You can chuck a bookmark onto your iPhone home screen thingy which is pretty much as good as an app.

iPhones iPhones iPhones!



not got an iphone, ive got the new satio… Aparently there is a recall on them though as the software is fugged up. Not had any probs with mine yet though and i dont want a different phone, the cam on this is awsome

I’m using an Android based phone and find it pretty hard to navigate the site on it. Web browser needs improving.

You can also do that with the Nokia N97, which is an excellent phone now that they have released V20 firmware resolving all the teething troubles and introducing kinetic scrolling for all lists.Nokia! Nokia! Nokia!(GPS is still cr*p though :crazy: )

You know what! I think a mobile LB forums can be an excellent idea. Don’t you guys think? We can post things anywhere and anytime.