Mobile welder

Can anyone recommend a good mobile welder in south East London that does brass welding ? I’m based in Bromley and just cleaned the bike and noticed that the weld has broken on one of the frame brackets that holds the rad and oil cooler :frowning:

I’m thinking a mobile one might be best as there’s not a lot of access where it is and I’m removing the forks later this week to change the steering bearings, so, would be better access then. I’ll also remove the rad and cooler. It looks like a bronze weld to me which makes sense as the other frame welds are bronze too. The frame is nickel plated reynolds chrome moly tubing not sure if other welds can be used as don’t know much about welding.


If a name gets put in the frame, don’t keep it secret. There are others in the Bromley area that have looked in vain for a mobile welder in the past.

will do, failing that I may just find a place that does it and see whether they think they can get to it with the forks in and me just turning up and removing the tank…