Mobile welder/driller surrey area?

Any of you guys know of a decent mobile welder/screw driller-outer in the Surrey area?

I’m not conceited enough to think anyone is gonna be interested in my latest stuck screw palava but I’ve supplied my story below anyway! :hehe:

I’ve just bought a used (is there any other type? :slight_smile: ) ZX7R and am putting right years of neglect/lack of copper grease etc - I was trying to shift a couple of stuck screws in order to get the chain guard off of my ZX7R. I used a centre punch and hammer at an anti-clockwise 45 degree angle to try and work the screws round - (they were phillips screws natch! Phillips - why?). I succeeded in knocking the heads off of the screws - result= threads stuck in holes (in retrospect the only way they were ever gonna come out was via a drill).

I also managed to bend one of the metal tabs (to which the chainguard is attached) which is welded onto the swingarm after only hammerring the screw twice - so I guess this will need bending back and a small weld to ensure it stays on.

Finally I need to get the threads drilled out - the one located near the rear shock is a bugger as the frame gets in the way and means the drill goes in at an angle. Maybe I should do it myself and buy a hand drill (more control) rather than use the power drill?

Thanks in advance for any info :slight_smile: :cool:

I’ve supplied some pics for your amusement: :stuck_out_tongue:

Current state of play:

It’s gonna be so much easier to get the swinging arm off and take it to an engineering firm or whatever. It will give you a chance to inspect and lube all the bearings and linkages as well which sounds like it could be overdue;)

I think you’re right Chunky! I was thinking about the swing arm bearings the other night and how I would have to take a look at some point (that’s the kind of exciting guy I am!) - to be honest mate I’m a bit scared about taking the swing arm off - will I need to put a jack under the engine to support the bike when it’s off etc? Then i’m gonna discover even more seized bolts - aaarggggghhh!!! :wink:

Whereabouts are you Sid? I’m M25 J25

I have a small bike lift which is ideal for this kind of job. I would be willing to lend it in exchange for cake;):smiley:

Also, you should consider an Impact Driver for them stubborn Philips head screws:cool:

Chunky mate - that’s really, really kind (The finest Battenburg known to humanity will be sourced and gift wrapped :smiley: ).

  • I’m not sure when I’m going to get round (pluck up the courage) to do this - basically I’ve got the whole winter as the kwak is a ‘project bike’.

How much are these bike lifts mate? Sounds like a good investment. I may save the pennies and buy one (used if I can) as it will allow me to expand my maintenance capabilities.

Thanks again Chunks.

Here ya go!

I was lucky enough to get mine secondhand, used once from a fellow LBer:cool:It makes front and rear end removal a “piece of cake”;)One of them things you use once in a blue moon but a lifesaver when you do:cool:

You’re an absolute diamond Chunky! :cool: Thanks so much mate - I’m kinda ready to start tackling stuff that will require one of these things - thanks mate. With any luck I’ll have this kawa ready by spring!

I keep saying that about my VTR Streetfighter but mrs CM says “Which Spring?”;):smiley:

Totally! I’m at that point in my biking career when I’m spending more time in the garage than out on the bike - how did this happen!? :smiley:

I was like that til I discovered LB:hehe:

Absolutely - look forward to getting involved in some ride outs in the near future! :wink:

Come to Stonehenge & Avebury with us next Sunday. (You could always leave an offering on one of the stones for your project):slight_smile:

Thanks Jetstream! I need all the help I can get! :wink:

chunks is for sure right and alloy welding, is a bit of an art, even though with modern mig and tig welders it is a lot easier than it used to be. Get the swing arm off, buy a second hand one if you dont want to pay for the work to be done, likely it will be about the same price and there are some good bits about on ebay…

some of those cheap kawa alloy screws into alloy castings corode so much that they are basically one part…no amount of plusgas and 40 will shift them…drilling is the only way and even then the corrosion is likely to be so bad you cannot get a good thread in the old piece without enlarging the hole and that weakens the part etc etc…I would replace with second hand parts…or as chunky said if you have the money get it to an engineering shop…

Oh yes! :stuck_out_tongue: .

Cheers for suggesting replacing the swingarm twostrokes - I’ve just seen a place that supplies used ones for 75 quid. :slight_smile:


Engine looks clean - how many miles has it done?

Might be worth your while to let me have the engine for a couple of hundred notes, and sell the rest as spares!:wink:

Or, just buy a dremel and drill bits of bolt out yourself, much cheaper, and very useful tool for any future work.

As always happy to lend a hand, if you not too far away from me.

Watch this space Killer - it may come to that! Thanks for the offer of help mate - much appreciated - pm me if your ever on the look out for tools/assistance etc - same goes for you chaps above.

Looks like I’m gonna get a dremel - and a bike lift.