Mobile Tyre Repair

Had a customer phone me at 11.00ish big nail in rear tyre on the A40/M40 just out side Slough turn off I gave him London Moto’s number.

He has just phoned me back tyre fixed and now at home.

So Nice one London Moto

Meanwhile, I called out to do a major service on my bike, fit new brake pads and a basic (non-Thatcham) alarm that I’d bought. They stayed less than 3 hours (charged one hour for fitting the alarm, I’m figuring they think a major service can be done properly in just over an hour), charged me £285, and 2K miles later I’ve a damaged front disc because the front pad had worn through to the metal, and the rear pad is nearing its limit. Funnily enough I have to question just how much work was done and whether it was done properly - waitin for a response from them on the above issues.
For mobile mechanics, I’ve had a much more reassuring time with Optiflow - they don’t do tyres, unfortunately, but they replaced my silencer competently and sorted out a problem starting my old bike (a chinese import, big mistake but that’s another story), so both times I’ve used them I’ve been pleased with their work, and I’d choose them over any day.