Mobile tyre fitters?

I’ve got a rear puncture on a relatively new tyre which is not repairable. I’ve had to get my bike recovered home but since my policy only covers me twice for the same incident I can no longer get recovery to the bikeshop. I need a new rear tyre fitted, does anyone know of good person they can recommend?

Also I’m using my bike for commuting mostly and got a nail twice now so am going down the route of getting less expensive rubber. I have Dunlop qualifiers but been told Avons are good decent tyres that aren’t too dear. Would I need to change both the front and rear at the same time or can I ride with Dunlop Qualifiers on the front and Avons on the rear until the front needs changing?

Just change the one with the puncher mate. You can run any tread pattern you want Jimbo…

Don’t cover you twice for the same incident? :smiley:

take the plug out the CDI Unit then… Non Starter…Different incident…

“Thats why they call me a BADBOY”