Mobile Tarifs & Swapping Number

Im planning to lower my phone tarif with Orange down to the lowest they do as Im gonna order a new phone with T-Mobile & go on 1 of the Flext deals as Orange takes the piss with their charges.

Question is - Im gonna have my current number on the lowest tarif then Im going to cancel paying the remainder of my contract (2 months) In the mean time I would have had my new phone with another number for a month or so - when I cancel with Orange, could I move my number to my new phone or does it have to be done as soon as I take out the contract with T-Mobile?

Hope that makes sense

Get Orange to give you a PAC code. They will charge you the line rental for the remaining time but you can port your number to your new provider as soon as you have that number.

Cheers - just called Orange and told them i was leaving for T-Mobile as their bills are too much ie: £75 a month & Im not really a heavy user - they said they will match the T-Mobile tarif and give me a new phone if I stay with them!

Good stuff

Sweet! I’m going to try that in April. My bills are just stupidly high.

Never really worked for me, as for £15 a month I get 500 mins, 500 texts and 500 WAP mins, have yet to find a tarrif to beat it.

you can only get a pac code when you finish your account, i tried to do exactly the same with t-mobile, when i swapped to 3, and they wanted to me to pay the remainder of my contracts line rental to cancel it. so feck it,i got the new number