Think i may have been nabbed today by a mobile unit, doing 60 in a 40 zone!

Could see the camera pointing towards me but couldnt see one in my mirrors, do these mobile units have rear facing cameras?

fingers crossed

many thanks

According to a few posts on Pistonheads, some of the newer vans do have a video camera pointing down the road too, just to catch bikes. I think I remember seeing this in MCN too.

You’ll know in a couple of weeks

if we all had to stick exactly to the speed limits how many of us would still be riding, personally i’d buy a pushbike!

There’s a time & a place.

try the NSLs

just got my nip!

doing 70 in a 30 zone!

cant believe just how f**king fast i was going!

no idea what kind of slap i will get, hopefully not the big B or there goes my job

Hopefully the job you refer to is charity work and you can afford a good brief.

what are u trying to say?

not good i take it!

Ouch !

I’ve ‘heard’ i.e. don’t know how true it is, that going more than 30 over the limit is an automatic ban, could be (hope) I’m wrong.

unfortunatly i think i’ve heard something similiar to that, fingers crossed

lifes a bitch

My understanding is that there is no such thing as an automatic ban for speeding, but 30 over and there is a compulsory court appearence and it is your opportunity to explain why a ban would not be appropriate as the court have the power to give it, and at 30+ will be assuming a ban unless there are good reasons not to.

According to the highway code the penalty for speeding is 3-6 points, a ban if the court feels like it and a fine of up to £1000. (You can be fined up to £2500 for speeding on a motorway). 70 in a 30 will be at the top end of the range.

If your job involves riding then that wil lwork in your favour as far as a ban is concerned, but expect a huge fine and 6 points at least for travelling at more than double the speed limit.

I hate to say this but i would expect the beak to take a dim view of 40mph over the limit.

They can fine you upto £1000, endorse your licence, disqualify you and even make you take a retest.

A good brief would be prudent I think

oh i hope this isnt the case, i think i may have been doing 47mph in a 40, eek hope not.

40 + 10% + 3 - You should be OK.

PHEW should be fine i hope, it was a grey camera, i didnt even see it flash

Out of suspense phoned a premium motoring legal line today to see what kind of punishment i can expect, mr cochran reckons its unlikely i’ll get a ban, more like 5-6 points and a hefty fine!

time will tell

You sure you didn’t get put through to the cleaner ?

'cos the magistrates guidelines for doing between 51-60mph in a 30mph zone is 6 points or a ban of 14-56 days, both accompanied by a hefty fine.

thought i could hear a hoover in the background!

just sent my NIPS off, any idea of how long the whole process should take, i.e recieve summons and attend court?


3 weeks now still not heard anything!

hopefully lost in the system:)

Could be up to 6 months for summons.

It is likely that you’ll be required to attend court in person.

If so, plenty of humble pie.