mobile phones and cars

Just a quick thought WHEN are the police going to start to do something about idiots on mobiles when driving.

A bod using a mobile just missed me right in front of a police car the coppers just looked and did nothing.

The prat pushed me into oncoming traffic because he could not steer the car and use the fook’in phone.

So again WHEN are the police likely to start to arrest fine imprison cut off the hands of idiots using mobiles when driving

In answer to the question, I would say never. I see people all the time, they get upset when you glare at them but don’t put the phone down. By the remotest chance that they see a member of the uniformed brigade, they just put the phone down until past and then pick it up again.

It’s a sorry state of affairs mate! But I agree, in all likelyhood, nothing will come of it, it’s most likely too much hassle for them to enforce in reality. Enforcement is going the way of automated systems, so unless these new super cameras can spot people on the phone, then we’ll have to carry on dodging these dodgy drivers. I hate it as well Mike! Glad you’re okay.

drives me nuts too - have had to take evasive action myself more than once cos of cagers more interested in their flippin call.

last one got stuck in traffic ahead of me. i pulled up by her stupid-ass and rocked the termis at full blast - strangely she seemed to be having difficulty continuing her conversation at that point…

the police dont give a shit as far as i can see

While it doesn’t yet go far enough, and it’ll be hard to enforce what with cameras replacing patrols, some good news is that it’s looking likely to become an endorsible offence in the near future. 'Bout time too!

When in the car, I find sitting on the horn along side them to be therapeurtic, or on a bike trying ot hit rev limiter alongside them should give them the message. In your case I wonder if in your fight to regain balance if you had kicked the car wether you could have ligitmately been charged.

Narks me no end this.

was behind a 17 tonne truck yesterday, on his mobile, trying to steer the thing round mini roundabouts with one hand, and witnessed him almost take half a street of cars with him before hitting brakes realising he was to close

Sadly it does not seem to be a priority at the moment.

I was walking along my high street the other day when this daft b*tch in a merc tried to pull up but instead mounted the curb just missing me. My problem was that she just kept on using the phone, switched the engine off and got out of her car. The barrage of abuse I subjected her too didnt help though as she honestly didnt know what she had done wrong. I swear I was soo furious, my friend had to step in to calm things down.

Then he turned to ask her why she was using a mobile phone whilst driving and stated that she had mounted the curb and just missed me. She offhandedly replied. “Mind your business…” and walked off. I really couldnt see at that point as my eyes had gone blurry and I could feel the blood rushing through my head. I was in a rage. Needless to say I tried to go up to her for a bit of a polite chat but my friend held me back

I se them everyday Mike! Everyday… It’s really frustating…

M9performance, look out your window and when you see a pig fly past you will know someone got nicked for driving whilst using a mobile! There is a fairly hefty fine and 3 points if you get caught but people dont. Got cut up by a police car this morning and guess what… he was on the bloody mobile, not his radio, his mobile. I pulled next to him to remonstrate and he just shrugged, prat.

Hey londondrz (sp)

Next time you see an officer doing that, it is your duty to actually make a complaint. No one is above the law

Several public bodies are fully aware that a lot of police officers and people within the law enforcement system such as the previous NCS, NCIS organisations and current SOCA in general think they can get away with certain things. That is one of the reasons why the Police Complaints Commission was replaced by the IPCC in Jan 2004 (I believe) to try and uphold belief in the system or restore belief to be exact.

So you have to actually make a complaint or else this officer whomever he/she maybe will continue to do whatever they are doing.

Also I have to add that it looks particularly bad when they are supposed to stop people using their mobile phones and they are caught using mobile phones too.

A few complaints about certain officers within the Met have come through and I have to say they are definitely not ignored and in some cases are referred to the IPCC too by the relevant police force. So it is not just the public who have problems with some police officers, but their own colleagues too

Good advice there Chocolatefawn … how do you know all this ??? I’m just being nosy.

I would say that our new radios … “Motorola Airwave” actually do look similiar to mobile phones though -

Nice radios Trojan. Guess I can’t listen in anymore to hear of local bike chases?

I can fully sympathise with you Mike… This has also happened to me a number of times… The Police do NOTHING and NO ONE gets done for it!!!

Don’t think it will change anywhere in the near future…

Should have grabbed her phone and dropped it down the drain… Witnesses? As if!

Same thing happened to me too but i was filtering through traffic on the A40 on my little hairdryer (first bike) and anyways he cliped my handle bars and i was all over the shop but i kept her up and then when i pulled over he tried blaming it on me, obviously because i was only 16 and a kid prepared to him a middle aged jag driver, but the good thing i noticed was a big scratch which he didnt so it was all good in the end.

I hate these phone weilding freaks with a passion. They need the phone rammed up their arses and all their fingers repeatedly broken after being genetically altered so that they have a severe allergic reaction to all known pain killers!

Not that I’m bitter or anything!

You’re either driving, or you’re having a conversation, not both! We don’t do it, why should others? Have you ever found yourself thinking about something you shouldn’t be whilst riding, i.e. something that stressed you out, or something you plan on doing, only to find out you’ve covered a mile and can’t even remember doing so? That’s got to be like talking on the phone; oblivious to what’s going on around you. Danger!

Pleb driving down road near me this morning, car in front of me, chatting away on his mobile. M/C cop was just coming out of the cop shop there and spotted this fool without too much effort. My my, how I chuckled as he went after him and pulled him over.

So they do catch em sometimes… very very rarely though.

But I dont think there has been ANY reduction in drivers using mobiles since laws changed.

Its as rife as ever. Especially fed up of seeing drivers of 38 ton artics and those big skip lorries on the phone. Not clever.

Watch yerselves and steer clear of these twats.

I’m not sure that would help all that much Charlie, how about legalising a boot-in-the-door? Gets my vote!